Does anyone remember Oscar Robertson, former NBA player filming a Jordache sneaker commercial in the boys schoolyard at Holy Name?

It was during the 1970’s.

Update: (Thanks to Martin C – he cleared the date up with me. He mentioned it might have been July of 1983)

Schoolyard image


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6 Responses to THE BIG O

  1. Martin Cottingham says:

    No, it was the early 80’s. I believe it might of been July 1983. I was living on Howard Place and I just came home from a camping trip. The block was shutdown during filming and I was slightly detained from my long trip home.
    Steve thanks for the memories

  2. Kevin Mahoney says:

    The Big O couldn’t buy a bucket that day. The scene was him dribbling into the yard and taking a corner jumper. He missed a bunch and we heckled him from behind the fence.

  3. Jim casey says:

    Oscar was the best all-around player ever, at least until Jordan came around. I still believe he is 1A with MJ as 1. Curry is gaining

    • Red says:

      Jimmy C.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I value yours.

      The thing with comparing and talking about the best players all-time is the decades are different.

      The game has changed soooo much! Skill and physically. Mindset has changed too.

      “Winning” is a hot topic when comparing the best players.

      I know it’s a team game but the truly great ones, (Russell, MJ, Magic, Kobe…) got their teams to the top. They found a way.

      Jordan won 6 MVP’s in 6 Finals appearances! Russell never lost a game 7. WOW!

      In my younger days I used to compare players to death in all sports. “He’s the best, he’s better than him,” etc.

      I have tried to stop that nonsense. I enjoy the performance now. I respect the past greats.

      What Steph Curry is doing now, I’ve never seen.

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