“Knicks gotta make a deal man,” Steve said.

“Yeah you right about that,” countered Jimmy as the two teens were shooting baskets all alone in the boys schoolyard at Holy Name.

Jimmy rebounded Steve’s miss and dribbles out to the left wing.

“I’m serious man, I ain’t going to another game if they don’t make a change,” Steve added.

Jimmy didn’t say anything.  He launched a long jump shot. Nothing but net. Only the rims at Holy Name didn’t have nets.

The ball rolled to the fence; Steve chased it down.

“Gimme my change,” shouted Jimmy as Steve threw a two-handed chest pass.

Jimmy caught it, and stepped into his next shot. This one missed, Steve rebounded the ball and dribbled out to the top of the key.

“I like the Warriors, no one’s beating them anyway,” Jimmy explained.

Steve lined up his elbow, launched his jumper and shouted, “STEPH CURRY!” The ball sailed through the air and banked in.

“The bank is open on President’s Day!” Jimmy shouted.


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