Jimmy Vackner’s comment in the “comments” section reminded me of all the outstanding athletes produced in our neighborhood back in the day.

Something crossed my mind; Do we still have those same kind of athletes from Windsor Terrace?

Growing up on ninth avenue and attending Holy Name we played every sport. Even made up games from time to time. (I don’t ever recall hanging out with my friends and pouting, “I’m bored.”)

Are there any young hoop stars walking the streets of WT? Thirteen, fourteen years old – kids that can shoot the outside jump shot. Are there any ball handling wizards working on their dribbling ten at night? Are they shoveling the court so they can play?

Are there any potential college baseball players in the neighborhood who dream of one day playing for Iona College? Any kids smacking the ball over the fence in the lot? Do kids listen to Mets and Yankees games on radio at night hoping one day to put on the pinstripes?

Any future high school QB’s hoping one day to play for the University of Alabama? How football games of two-hand touch on tenth avenue?

Do you see any teenage athletes jogging around Prospect Park, staying in shape for the up-coming season?

Where’s the cross-country and track runners?

Any aspiring runners jogging through the streets?

Any swimmers hopping on the bus or even walking down to the ninth street YMCA?

Do kids play stick-ball anymore?

How’s the coaching in the neighborhood? Do they still have men volunteering their time teaching the young athletes how to play the right way?

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, our neighborhood had outstanding coaches. They taught me valuable lessons which I use today.


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2 Responses to ALL RIGHT NOW

  1. Pat Fenton says:

    Some great thoughts, Steve. Sadly, I think that part of life in Windsor Terrace is all gone. You probably didn’t know it at the time, but you were blessed to live it. Someone up there liked you.

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