Nice tribute from a loyal reader of Container Diaries to the late Colleen Breen:

So sad hearing about Colleen Breen’s passing. She was a close friend of mine back in the late 1970’s. Colleen came from a very nice family, they always made me feel welcomed when stopping by her parents house.  I can still remember the warm kitchen and her mom and dad’s smiling faces. Colleen was also like that, very nice and kind.

Summers were fun. Colleen loved to go to Coney Island. I don’t think we went in the water, we just enjoyed the sun and a bottle of champagne. She did drag me to Farrell’s a few times. She was real good with kids, always helping my daughter with her math problems.

At the time I knew her, she had a sweet niece, Mickey’s daughter who was my daughter’s age.  We would sometimes get together. Colleen thought the world of her. I remember she would call people she liked a “good egg.” (An old saying…)

(Editor’s note: My mom always used that term)

Colleen never a bad word about anyone. I am so sorry I lost touch with a very nice person.

I have often thought about Colleen through the years. They don’t make them like her anymore.

God bless Colleen and her family through this difficult time.

Love and miss you Colleen.

Your old friend, “J”