Leslie Albrecht over at DNAinfo writes about a couple of teens jumped on 14th street.

Sanders 2015

Damn! Poor kids.

Click the link below for the details.


The boys, 15 and 16, were walking toward the movie theater near Prospect Park West when they spotted a man in front of them wearing a ski mask and talking on the phone, the 16-year-old victim’s mother told DNAinfo New York on Monday.

The man seemed suspicious, so the boys tried to cross 14th Street to get away from him, the mom said. As they were trying to move away from the masked man, another man approached them from behind and put the 16-year-old boy in a headlock, the mom said.

What’s this world coming to? Back in the day, we’d all be hanging out on the park-side. Stuff like that would not have happened because we policed the area.



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17 Responses to OUT IN THE STREETS

  1. Jim casey says:

    And no Lewnes, great grilled cheese and chocolate malted

  2. Tony16ST says:

    Terrible seeing the Park House shuttered like that. Times they are a changing

  3. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Wow, my godson lives on 14th and 8th, when I visit him and his family, I walk up 14th St on my way home, usually around midnight of later….I have never felt unsafe…

  4. Mudge says:

    Well when I was walking those same streets if some one got one of our guys tn a head lock. He would have ended with a blade in his belly and his guts on the side walk. Things have sure changed. Iam. glade I never changed with them

  5. Joe D. says:

    Mugged, accosted or held-up are words that could also have been used but ‘jumped’ IMO is the word we grew up with.

  6. Tony16ST says:

    It’s really sad. I never fely unsafe walking arround the nab, no matter what time it was.
    and I don’t remember anyone getting jumped, mugged or what ever in my time unless you walked thru the park. then you were fair game for the others.

  7. Tony16ST says:

    Steve I was a lover not a fighter. Ask anybody that knew me.

  8. Tony16ST says:

    Hey Mudge how are you? Thats a very vague statement I wish you could be a little more descriptive LOL

  9. Tony16ST says:

    On a serious note, when you think about it there was always someone (Group) hanging out.
    the Parkside, Ninth Ave. Prospect Ave, 7th Ave. there were guys everywhere and basically everyone knew everyone. We never hurt each other and we sure as hell never went around robbing people

  10. Mudge says:

    That picture of the Sanders and the Park House brings a tear to my eye. Now I just want to say hello to my friend Tony we still have to get together for bullshit sit down.

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