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Tuesday morning, not going to school today.

Heading over to the city. Trains are up and running after the blizzard. They cancelled school yesterday. Great move.

Grab a coffee, light and sweet from Pynn’s deli and a buttered roll.  There’s a couple of older guys standing on the corner. I look at them, they look at me.

“Yo Red, who’s gonna coach the Nets?”

“No idea,” I respond as I walk towards the 16th street entrance to the train. I hop on the crowded F-train and get a spot against the door.



Standing up the whole trip I decide to get off at West 4th street. It’s always random with me when I take the train to the city. Sometimes if I feel like getting an egg cream I get off at Second Avenue. At Jay Street the packed A-train is across the platform. Some kid is looking at me.


He doesn’t say anything.

An old lady standing next to me looks at me.

If I wanna walk past the Garden or drop in at Cosby’s I get off at thirty-fourth.

Wanna check out a peep show, it’s forty-doo-wop. Yeah, you got it. I found the peep shows last year when I cut out of school and me and some kids from the city were amazed.

But I got no time to talk about that shit right now. Tell ya later.

Sometimes I take the ‘F’ to Rockefeller Center, check out the people ice skating. That shit bores me though but I like checking out the chicks.

At the West 4th street station I climb the three flights of stairs and notice there’s snow all over the court. They call this place ‘The Cage.”  They tell me the Doctor played here.

Hawk, Kareem and Tiny all balled here.

The summer league is real good here. Maybe one day I show them I got game?

We shovel our court in the schoolyard but what’s up with these kids in Manhattan? Can’t they shovel? Doesn’t take very long to grab a shovel and clear space to work on your handle or to get some shots up. Lazy I guess.

Walking up sixth avenue ton of people are on their way to work. The street is packed with cars. Traffic jam and it’s only nine in the morning.

Homeless guy on the corner asks me for change.

“Sorry bro, I’m broke,” I explain to him. If I got extra dough on me I usually flip a guy a quarter.

Starbucks is crowded but I see a table open. Shocker!

Drop my backpack down and put my coat on the back of a seat.  The table by the window, my favorite spot. I can watch all the people walk by.

Gotta keep an eye on my shit because you never know. There’s thieves everywhere.

The line is long but it moves rather quick. There’s a line for the bathroom too.

I love coffee. Been drinking it since I was eleven. Mom got me hooked.  Coffee is my favorite drink. Oh no, wait, Wild Irish Rose is my favorite.

I order a house coffee, venti size. Grab a newspaper from the bin and sit down.

Think I’ll spend the next few hours chillin’ out here. They leave you alone.

Refills are fifty-three cents.

Plus it’s warm.

Where else can I go?

All my friends are in school.