That’s what I hear.

Holy Toledo!

New York City, with their skyscrapers and everything.

Stay safe.


Wish I was in Prospect Park right now.

Three Devils.

Cherry Hill.

Suicide Hill.

I’d even go for throwing a few snowballs around.



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10 Responses to 31 INCHES

  1. Mudge says:

    31 inches OH MY GOD What ahhhh. I am. sorry I thought you were talking about something else

  2. Tony16ST says:

    Now that I’m older and I have to shovel/snow blow it. I hate it. I thought we were going to sneak by winter this year.

    Did have a lot of fun in the park when we were kids. And used to make a lot of money shoveling people out.

  3. DON CUSH says:

    Ah Suicide Hill. The best sleigh riding anywhere

  4. DON CUSH says:


  5. Mike Bove says:

    I only remember one time they closed Holy Name for snow. It was about mid 60’s.only one day!!3 ft snow.I cherish that day forever. We played in that snow until our parents called us in.Frozen and exhausted
    happy to get hot chocolate.

  6. Mike Bove says:

    I think it was the winter of 71. It actually broke four or five times.I could not believe it. It took me all those years to get a couple of days off. It also was a sad time for me because I moved out of the neighborhood. I move to Bensonhurst “different breed of people”. Never like my old neighborhood. Thank God I have those beautiful childhood memory’s of my old neighborhood.

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