We often hear about how kids today are being raised compared to when we were brought up back in the day.

A physician with his take on the way parents are bringing up their children.

No, your 14-year-old cannot go to a party with college students or to the beach for spring break. No, they will not be at parties where alcohol is served, and you will not be the one serving it. You have to think of worst-case scenarios like drinking and driving, alcohol poisoning and sexual assault, and know that these are not decisions that they are ready to make because they are not adults. They need an adult, and that’s you. And even if their peers’ parents are fine with something, you don’t have to be. “Other parents don’t have a clue at what they are doing,” Sax said. “That’s why what they are doing doesn’t have good outcomes.”

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  1. Darlene C says:

    Great article! I hope parents, especially new ones heed his words.

  2. Tony16ST says:

    Sad to say we did all that and then some. But I guess times were truly different. Kids aren’t as street smart and too used to having to have instant gratification.
    In my opinion things move way to fast today and I feel things are way to Hi Tech. Just walking down the street is like running the gamut of all the people with their heads buried in their phones while they are going from one place to another.
    Also we mostly grew up with stay at home moms. Not today most parents both work. And am I missing something or were there really not as many pervs and predators when we were kids 50’s/60’s?
    I remember being 13,14 years old and going to Harriman State Park with the guys on a camping trip and no adults and really no questions asked. We really had very little if none adult supervision.
    And from what I can tell by this blog we all turned out pretty damn good for the most part.

  3. Mudge says:

    Hey Tony where in Harriman didyou camp. I use to go to Tom Jones mountain and also Clauder Smith Mt. You could follow the red dot trail right down to Sabaigo beach . Had great times there Its good to know others from neighbohood still went there.

  4. Tony16ST says:

    Hey Mudge how you doing? We used to go to the sabago Cabin Camps.
    those were some good times.

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