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Walking past the newsstand on ninth street and fifth avenue I glance at the stack of newspapers. There’s the Post and the Daily News piled high. The stack for the New York Times not so high.  I stop and flip the Post over.  Knicks won last night 118-111, hooray!

Love my Knickerbockers. Haven’t been to the Garden in a while though.

Usually I go and use my student I.D. card. You can get a ticket for half price so I buy an eight dollar ticket for four, not bad right? Start out in the blue seats and work my way down.

Knicks home games are on MSG but we don’t have cable. Away games are on WOR so I never miss when the Knicks are on the road.

“Hey kid you gonna buy that paper or what?” the guy behind the counter asks me. He never smiles. Smokes a nasty cigar.

I look at him and drop the paper back down on the pile.

Walking away I make my way across fifth avenue and over to Timboo’s, two blocks away.

“Anyone see Gooch?” I shout as I pop my head in the bar.

Timmy the bartender is behind the bar wiping down some bottles and two guys are sitting at the bar drinking. No one says a thing.

Who can drink this early?

Crossing fifth avenue I head over to the 12th street diner. I walk in and it’s packed. Looking around there’s no sign of Gooch.

“Yo Mary you see my father?” I ask the blonde waitress.

“No sweetie, sorry.”

Damn it.

Where is he?

Told me to meet him down here at nine.

He does this a lot.

Hate it.

Walked all the way down here for nothing.