Wanted to wish Sherman’s Street’s finest, Mike Larkin a happy birthday.

Mike’s one of the good guys from the neighborhood who comes from an outstanding family.

Really miss those games of two-on-two down in 154’s schoolyard.

Hey Mike, we should have kept track of the wins and losses (I’m sure you and Michael Kawas beat Glenn and I a lot but boy  were they fun)

It taught me the meaning of competition.

Enjoy the day my friend…



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7 Responses to HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Emmett Hoops says:

    Mike Kawas? I always wondered what became of Mike. I was such a shy kid back then — I knew everyone but nobody knew me.

    My favorite game in the schoolyard (and there WAS only ONE schoolyard in that neighborhood!) was Off the Wall. I keep trying to explain that game to my second graders, but here in upstate New York where the schools are one or two storeys, and there IS no “schoolyard” concept, it’s never resulted in that look of comprehension on their little faces.

    • mike k says:

      . I see mike a couple times a year. We meet in Farrell’s and go for dinner. Joseph Kurdy also is in attention. I will pass the message along to mike. I was wondering if you have any contact with Robert Wells? You guys were buddies back in the day. I am on Facebook just fyi. Nice to hear from you.

      • Emmett Hoops says:

        Bobby Wells…well, he joined the Marines in 1978. He got hit in the head with a football while playing at camp and was sent home. I saw him briefly when I came home from college for the summer. He didn’t know me, and his face was none big scowl. He died two weeks later. He was 21.

      • Red says:

        Sad story…

  2. mike l says:

    . I think age and size gave mike and me a huge advantage. Plus I always told mike not to give red the open jumper from the corner. I remember you making those up in holy name. The backboard down PS 154 was like a garbage can. Balls could be banged off at great speed. It always felt like it was my home court. That being said the cards were stacked against the youngest.

  3. mike larkin says:

    . I am very sorry to hear about Robert, he was a good guy. We both surveyed the park together for one of those crazy brother Vinny project. We walked around with a 5 foot pool measuring off changes in elevations. We did it all by the book until none of it matched up, then we got creative and filled in the blanks. We realized then we could.have made the whole thing up. We did get an A on the project so it all worked out
    When I tell people out the crazy stuff brother Vinny they think I’m making it up.

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