“Knicks looked good last night,” Billy mentioned to Johnny, standing next to him at the bar. Johnny took a sip of his glass of beer and agreed with him.

“Yeah, that’s two in a row over Atlanta.”

It was coming up on seven o’clock. Farrell’s was starting to fill up.

Not one open spot at the bar. The tables in the back were all taken.

“Porzingis is showing that he’s not scared and won’t get punked,” Billy said.

Johnny was looking around the bar at everyone, he was having a hard time recognizing some of the faces.

“That Hawks player tried to get tough with him last night and the rookie didn’t back down,” Billy added. “He showed a pair of balls last night.”

Johnny wasn’t saying much, matter of fact, he stopped listening and added, “Can’t believe Coughlin’s not coaching the Giants anymore.”

Before Billy took a gulp of his beer he asked,  “Wonder who they gonna hire now?”

“Not sure,” Johnny quickly added. “But they are going to miss him, he’s a good man.”

Johnny’s a big Giants fan. Has been since he was a little kid. He would often go to the Meadowlands to see Phil Simms and Lawrence Taylor.

Tom Coughlin had been the New York Giants head coach for 12 years. But yesterday he resigned.

“LT should be the next coach,” Eddie shouted. He was standing just a few feet away from the guys.

“LT? YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” Johnny asked. “And why do you have to shout, you’re right next to us.”

Eddie laughed. He was just breaking balls, Eddie being Eddie.

“Yo Johnny, you bet the Knicks last night?” Billy asked.

“Nope, laying off gambling for a while,” Johnny answered.

Billy took another gulp of his beer.

“Alright guys, gotta run, wife is waiting,” Billy said as he put the empty glass down on the bar and took off through the back door. Billy promised his wife he would take her to the Brick Oven Pizza joint next door.

Johnny asked for another beer.

Eddie stood there, looking up at the television.

Farrell’s was packed.