A message from Pat Fenton:

A most happy New Year to all my friends out there. May it be a good one for all of you. And may you be with someone you love this night, champagne in hand. And hold them tight.

To all my writing friends, may you write well.

And to my actor friends, I hope you find yourself walking the boards when the year is still young.

Glasses up to the Nancy Manocherian and the Cell Theatre.

A special toast to the wonderful Kira Simring who helped me go a little further into my writing.

And to all the talent at the Cell, Brian Reager, Mackenzie Meeks, Gertjan Houben, Siene Zoe Allen, Louisa Pough, Jane Marie Davis, Samantha Keogh, Sulie Jones, and Marianne Driscoll.

We put up a play together in New York.

Here’s a toast to the folks down at Farrell’s Bar in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, one of the greatest saloons and neighborhoods on the face of the earth. And if you don’t believe me, go ask Pete Hamill.

And if any “hipster” ever asks you, what’s so great about that bar? Just tell them, well, the history of the Irish of Brooklyn started there. Proud to say it’s my old parish.

 Please excuse me as I lift a glass, and single out a very special group of actors I worked. They brought life to my words, to my play “Stoopdreamer.”

Bill Cwikowski, Jack O’Conell, Robin Leslie Brown, three stoopdreamers. And here’s to you Janice Joyce, where ever you are this night.

Happy New Year.