“Can’t believe the Knicks!” Jimmy complained as he downed a glass of beer standing in Farrell’s.

“Yeah, I know, they suck,” Billy answered. Billy was a Nets fan, so he loved piling on even though the team that plays down on Flatbush and Atlantic have had their problems this season.

Earlier in the evening the New York Knicks traveled to Boston and lost to the Celtics, 100-91.

Container on Bar

“I took them and the points,” Jimmy announced while he stood at the bar looking up at the television which happened to be showing highlights of the game.

“How many were you getting,” Duffer asked from behind the bar as he poured a Container for a customer on the go.

“Eight and a half,” answered Jimmy.

Duffer shook his head. He didn’t have an answer. Matter of fact, he didn’t want to answer despite enjoying breaking balls from time-to-time.

But Duffer was thinking to himself Jimmy must be stupid for betting the Knicks tonight no matter how many points they were getting.

New York had played the night before and lost to the Hawks. They had the game on, matter of fact the place was packed. There was a party up at Holy Name earlier and the crowd made their way down to continue drinking.

The Knicks looked awful against the Hawks, especially in the second half. Celtics played Saturday night too, they beat the Pistons in Detroit but now they were back home playing in front of their fans.

“That’s four games in a row they have lost, not bettin’ them again for a while,” Jimmy said, trying to sound convincing.

Duffer, throwing some cash in the register not looking at Jimmy couldn’t resist.

“Good idea.”



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6 Responses to HEY, WHERE DID WE GO?

  1. Mudge says:

    Must be an old picture did’nt they do away with those containers

  2. Mudge says:

    It looks like twelve dollors change WOW eight dollors for a beer. Glad I stopped drinking.

  3. Mudge says:

    Get outer hear. When they say this BUDS for you I know for sure they not talking to me.

  4. Tony16ST says:

    Happy New Year to you and all the bloggers here @ Diaries.

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