I love Friday’s.

When I think of Friday, first thing that pops in my head is fishcakes and beans.

As a kid growing up on ninth avenue mom always made them. Some of my friends would go to Joe’s for two slices and a coke. Mom’s Pizza was another popular spot for Friday night dinner.


I recall parents buying a pie and taking it home to feed their families.

Us, no such luck.

Mom would walk up the avenue to Henry’s deli on Prospect and Ninth to get six fishcakes. The beans were bought from Key Food (or Associated) in a can.

She would return shortly, somewhere around five-thirty. What was it about having dinner at that time? Just the other night my wife and I had dinner at eleven…at night!

Does anyone sit down to eat as a family anymore? At five-thirty?

Fishcakes, wonder if Henry’s still makes them.



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2 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Tony16ST says:

    When I was a kid mid 50’s/60’s it was fish only on fridays, maybe pizza. Definetly no meat.

    I remember when Henry’s was across the street from the church next door to Trunz Meats and the TV repair guy.

    Henry’s made the best chocolate pudding.

    • joe Green says:

      Henry’s was never across the street from the Church. He did rent a store a couple of stores up from where the store is now. Henry sold the store in the 80s to a very nice couple, who continue to cook the food the same way.

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