It’s Friday night, you coming out tonight?

Everyone goes out on Friday night!

At 6:30 make sure you come over to Our Lady’s Field and share the Holiday spirit at the first Windsor Terrace – Holy Name Father’s Guild Lighting Ceremony. Our Lady’s Field is what we used to call, “The Lot.”

Entrance is on 16th street or Windsor Place.

You are encouraged to bring an ornament for the Christmas Tree and enter the ugly sweater contest.


Hooley is a judge of the contest…

Rain Date is Wednesday Night December 16.

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3 Responses to TONIGHT, TONIGHT…

  1. Tony16ST says:

    So many good memories of “THE LOT”

  2. Emmett Hoops says:

    The Lot, to me, was always the one bordered by 16th, Windsor, and PPSW. Smelled like wild parsnip and dog dung — one whiff of that lot and everything bad about Brooklyn wafted into my brain. Wild parsnip was the utter indifference of the city to its horticulture; the dog crap was just the indifference of the individual to an improved quality of life. Ah, yes, the smell of the ’70s.

  3. Tony16ST says:

    Not that LOT, the one between 9th and10th Windsor and 16th Street

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