Not the neighborhood but…

Sitting here on the morning after a tragedy in California.

14 dead. 17 more injured.

WTF is going on?

Come on man!

Two suspects are dead, they stormed an office Christmas party.

According to the site Mass Shooting Tracker, the latest attack brings to 352 the number of mass shootings in the United States so far this year. A mass shooting is defined as four or more people shot in one incident.

Jesus Christ!

Is there any hope?

Today, say hello to a stranger. Smile at someone.

There’s too much anger in society.

People gotta cool out.


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  1. holy2520name says:

    This isn’t about Americans being angry or about gun control. This is about an ideology and religion that despises everything we stand for. This government,administration and President still can’t decide whether this is terrorism. Multiple bombs, etc. and we continue to deny islamic terrorism and Americans die again and again. FBI STATISTICS show violence by gun is going down even though you will never hear it from the media.HIPAA LAWS insure mentally challenged people cannot be identified,profiling is never allowed even though it does work when applied to islamic terrorism. Haven’t really seen any real americans with real american names being involved with islamic terrorism. I wonder if this will get posted or will it be banned because it is DIVISIVE.

  2. Jim casey says:

    It should not be banned, but you are correct, it is divisive– and unfair stereotyping.
    What is a ” real American with a real American name”?

  3. Tony16ST says:

    Talk about hitting the nail on the head Right on buddy, right on.
    We have a president who can’t get his head out of his ass because now it’s a matter of him “sticking to his guns and not being found an asshole who only needs to admit the truth to the PEOPLE that put him in office”
    We need to open our eyes while we still can and like it or not We need to bomb the shit out of those countries men, woman and children. I never taught my kids to jump up and down while waving a burning American flag and stomping on it in joy.Why are we taken the young coward bastards who won’t fight for their own country into ours?

  4. holy2520name says:

    You should probably tell the families of the deceased AMERICANS that stereotyping is unfair. AS I recall neighbors did not want to tell anyone that there was suspicious activity occurring with their neighbor while numerous people were entering and exiting the ‘bomb factory. Oh well, that was unfair. As I recall, the 19 not stereotyped’ who took down the Twin Towers all had names that would lead professional investigators to ascertain a certain affiliation but that would be unfair. It would strongly appear that war has been declared on Americans by Islamo terrorists who ALL happen to have a certain type name that would lead one to connect dots.

    • Jim casey says:

      Some of those deceased Americans had names that were very similar to the perpetrators. But I guess they could not be real Americans.
      How about Kareem Abdul Jabbar ?

  5. John Bies says:

    Now the President has made it our fault for having guns.The right to bear arms needs to be taken away from ALL AMERICANS so that we can stop terrorists from buying guns here. Again ,it is our fault. Why not keep the terrorists out and leave the Constitution in tact. Just a thought. So tired of everything being our fault. Damn,I LOVE THIS COUNTRY but it is being taken away from me. I feel like I don’t belong here.

  6. John Bies says:

    Of course not all people with a name of middle eastern descent are terrorists That’s a straw man argument. However, the people charged with keeping All americans safe have a great advantage ,coupling middle eastern names with middle eastern travel and possibly social media comments [like the two who just went to see Allah]. The first responders have to start somwhere just hopefully not AFTER 2 buildings collapse. Given this administrations habit of spying on Americans[IRS,NSC ETC] maybe we could use some of their abilities catching the real threats to America and not Americans. It will only get worse given we will be importing more potential problems.That is not A guess it is a mathematical certainty. No more dead Americans. It is not wrong to want that but sorry to say this does not fit the plan or political narrative.Iam sorry that my anger got the best of me. No more political statements on my part. I enjoy this site thank you for letting me vent

  7. Mudge says:

    Kareem Abdul Jabbars real name is Lew Alcinder.

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