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The power of the Internet.

Some are hesitant to embrace it, some, like me, love it.

I hear adults complain about today’s kids all the time. I have heard our kids called, “The Gadget Generation.”

I’m cool with that. Add me to that group.




You get the point, right?

I’m here to tell you that Container Diaries has been a big part in getting people from the neighborhood back in touch with each other. (Also, the people who I have met here like Maureen Rice, Tony F., Frankie P. and Billy Mudge.)

Hooking back up happened to me. That’s right, just last week someone found the blog, grabbed my e-mail address and reached out. This person was a great friend. We did so much together. had lots of fun.

It’s been a blast writing back and forth about our time growing up.

God I miss those days. Don’t you wish just once, we can go back, back into time? What I would do to be standing on the corner of Windsor and Ninth. To be able to hang out on the parkside with all my friends. Most of all, to be back in that boys schoolyard at Holy Name. Dribbling my basketball and shooting it up to the rim.

And last but not least, to be with the one you love. Holding hands, kissing, feeling safe because you are with that special someone.

To be young once again…I would trade anything for it.

And of yeah,  I’m happy for the Internet. I use it non-stop.

By the way, my communication skills are fine.