Holy Name Foundation
9th Annual Dinner Dance

Gargiulo’s Restaurant.

Friday, November 13, 2015 @ 6:30pm

Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Nagle
Teena Caccamo
& Nick Sisto

Presentation of the Howie Bischoff Scholarship Fund.

More information:

Holy Name Foundation

(917) 974-8782.

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  1. bob terry says:

    I would love to attend this event; Howie lived directly across the street from me years ago. The Bischoffs are a wonderful family. I will be in NYC this week @ Regis High School. I was @ Gargiulo’s three weeks ago for Cathedral Prep’s 100th anniversary dinner; I was @ the 50th in 1964.

  2. Gerard Trapp says:

    Bob, The HN Foundation has been doing a nice job keeping the spirit and financial support alive, originally held in the city at the Hilton the turnout has always been good. Howie is the second scholarship now, Forte Bellino was first 4 yrs ago, didn’t know that was where you lived, do remember you guys cornering the market on Tablet sales in the neighborhood though 😃 When you go to Regis reunion maybe you’ll run into Jo Jo Hederman and Bobby Gruschow, HN ’69.

    • bob terry says:

      Gerard, I live in Los Angeles. The reason I’ll be @ Regis this Saturday is my 14 year old son Nicholas is taking the entrance exam for next September. I will contribute to the scholarship fund; please tell me who to make the check out to & where to send it. Scholarships is my middle name. I sponsor a scholarship @ St. Francis College & I pay tuition for 21 kids in Los Angeles so that they can attend Catholic schools.

    • bob terry says:

      Gerard, I went to Cathedral; the reason I’m going to Regis is because my 14 year old son Nicholas, currently in the 8th grade is taking Regis’ entrance exam this Saturday. Yes, @ 65 I do have a 14 year older. We live in Los Angeles. By the way, scholarships are very near to my heart. I sponsor one @ St. Francis College & currently pay tuition for 21 kids attending Catholic schools in Los Angeles (15 high school & 6 grammar school students). Please tell me who to make the check out to & where to send it for Howie’s scholarship. My best regards to you & your family.

      If anyone reading this wants to know about what I do in education in Los Angeles, Google Bob Terry/Heart of Los Angeles.

  3. Gerard Trapp says:

    Bob, that is great stuff, congratulations!!
    Good luck to your son this weekend, Regis I believe still # 1 school in the city.
    Too bad it wasn’t a week later, you’d have been able to get to back to Garguilio’s.
    For Howie Bischoff Scholarship, make check out to Holy Name Foundation, note for on check for Howie Bischoff scholarship, mail to Holy Name Foundation 584 Prospect Ave , Bklyn NY 11215
    Thank you.


  4. Gerard trapp says:

    Bob, Appreciate your support very much, will be on the lookout, thanks again.-Gerard
    How did Regis visit go with your son?

    • Red says:


      Good luck tonight…

      Hope it goes well.

    • bob terry says:

      Nick felt like he did well on the exam. As you know, it’s very competitive because of the pre-screening of students that they allow to take the exam. Nick is a 4.0 GPA & ranks in the 99% on national exams. He took 100 hours of test prep with Kaplan & C2. We will find out on 12/7 if he makes it to the interviews round. Keep a good thought for him & thanks for asking. You know, he’s the only child I have & the only one I ever will have (I’m 65), so I want to do the best I can for him.

      We caught good weather in NYC. I got to visit my old friend, Ed Setrakian over @ The Actors’ Studio. We had lunch with 3 of my brothers from Connecticut. I had breakfast with a cousin from Howard Beach. All in all, it was a nice trip to NYC.

  5. Gerard Trapp says:

    Bob, Good to hear, best of luck to him, I’d say with those numbers the odds are with him.
    When at SFC we had a professor Sertrakian, he was an actor, doing a major soap opera at the time(’74-’78), might be same guy or a relative. What are your 3 brothers names?

    • bob terry says:

      That’s the same Ed Setrakian; he’s retired from St. Francis College. He’s a great guy. Are you ready? My brothers are Charles, James, Tim, Brian, Kevin, Leonard, Chris, Ed, Gerard & Mike. Yes, I have 10 of them & a sister, Donna.

  6. Gerard trapp says:

    Wow, didn’t realize you had 10. Something back then in
    60’s that wasn’t that all unusal, many families having 7+ kids, another reason they are deserving to be called “The Greatest Generation “!!

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