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Royals 7 Mets 1

Game 2 of the World Series.

Mets head back to New York trailing the series 0-2.



Did George Brett, Willie Wilson and Bret Saberhagen walk through those doors?

Fear not though, there’s still time.

Gotta keep the faith.

The 7-Train better be rockin’ Friday night.

I know Jackie Kelly is a bit nervous.

I know Pete Iulo is hanging out on the corner of 16th street and Windsor Place trying to figure out what is happening with the Mets offense?

Lee Mazzilli is hanging out on 86th street taking practice swings with an imaginary bat.

Gil Hodges is sitting on his stoop holding court.

Yogi says he should have started Seaver.

I’m sure all the sports talk radio hosts and their callers/listeners in New York City are freaking out.


Everybody has an answer.

Like I said, have no fear. This morning standing outside Red’s Shoe Store, sipping a cup of coffee from Terrace Bagels, Carmine told me he’s pitching game 3.

“Royals are gonna sweep,” said Michael Mardini, a big Royals fan.



Say what you want about A-Rod as a player and person but he’s a hell of an analyst for Fox Sports. Guy knows the game.

Cleon Jones texted and said, “If the van is a rockin’, don’t come knockin’.

“Cespedes is no Dave Kingman,” said Frankie C.

Terry Collins crew in Midland, Michigan are doing just fine.

Remember those John Jay baseball teams from back in the day? I used to go up to the diamonds in Prospect Park and watch them. They could score some runs.

7-2, Bonnies, Youth Service, Ty Cobbs…The good old days.

This morning heard over the loudspeaker in Holy Name.

“Extra B.P. this afternoon after school.  Meet at the tenth avenue entrance of the park.”

Did I ever tell you about the time ‘Slick’ tried to bend the brim of my Mets cap? Carol Corbett exploded.

“GET AWAY FROM HIM!” She shouted.

Too bad kids don’t play stickball in the girls school yard anymore.

How about whiffle ball on the corner of Fuller Place and Windsor Place?

I’d go for a stickball game on tenth avenue right about now.

The Knicks are 1-0.

Just saying…