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11 Responses to WARM SMELL OF COLITAS…

  1. Jim Casey says:

    You can check out, but you can never leave
    Sort of like the neighborhood

  2. Maureeen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I have no idea what colitas smells like..but it has GOT to beat the smell of the stinko giloba trees right now…ugh!

  3. bob terry says:

    I attended 12 o’clock mass yesterday @ Holy Name. I did stop by Regina’s after mass & had a few cookies.

  4. Gerard Trapp says:

    Bob, is that first time you’ve seen the newly renovated church?
    Isn’t it beautiful!

    • Red says:

      The church does look great…

      • bob terry says:

        Gerard, No, I attended mass there the Sunday before Thanksgiving last year & yes, it is absolutely beautiful. Living in Los Angeles, I don’t get into New York City very often. I was there last Sunday to attend the 100th Anniversary Dinner for Cathedral Prep; I was at the 50th in 1964, when I was a freshman. Back then, it was Cathedral College in Brooklyn; now, it’s Cathedral Prep in Elmhurst; still a wonderful school. Please give my regards to everyone in your family. I noticed that one of the Corrigans from Howard Place passed away a short while ago. By the way, my parents are back in Brooklyn; unfortunately, they are in Greenwood Cemetery.

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