Fuller Place

We spent a lot of time on Fuller Place playing stickball…

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7 Responses to STICKBALL

  1. Bobbyhammond says:

    I am on fuller place sine 1979. When we moved in my brothers and I couldn’t believe that kids were playing stickball just like we did in park slope. No one plays stick ball in Windsor terrace now.

  2. GTrapp says:

    Many say the nicest block in the neighborhood. Agree? Disagree?

  3. Joe D. says:

    Several decades ago we played stickball hitting into Prospect Avenue. The batter only hit if the outfielder waved ok, meaning there were no cars, buses or trucks cruising down Prospect. Hitting the ball into the fenced in woods on the other side of Prospect was both agony and ecstasy. It was ecstasy because it was a long home run and agony because you paid for the ball. Occasionally someone would jump the fence but the lady who owned the property would usually see us and come out yelling.
    Stickball was a regular activity but slapball was even better because we were younger. Many decades ago we spent hours playing four corner slapball during the summer months. Way back when, the street would empty of cars after the dads went to work. After the street sweeper or, rarely, the street washer came through we would plot out our rectangular field with home plate up against one curb and first base directly across to the opposite curb. It was a longer run to second base alongside the curb and then again across to third. Hitting the opposite sidewalk on a fly was an immediate out. The ideal was to nail a ball between second and third and have the other guy chase the ball down the street. If they played the shift then you hit between first and second for the single. I still recall the strategy!
    Needless to say the increase in cars spoiled our fields but we made do as best possible. When cars encroached we played slapball in a triangle. When the dads came home we played kick the stick by trying to kick the stick under a parked car. Wasn’t that the essence of being a kid; you made do with whatever you had.

    • Red says:

      Joe D!

      How are you and thanks for writing.

      Great stuff man.

      I loved four-corner slapball. What a game!

      How about two-hand touch football on Fuller? Whiffle ball too. Shoot, we had running races on the sidewalk and around the entire block. You had to run off Fuller, hang a left on Prospect, left on 10th avenue, left on Windsor, left on Fuller. Starting line and finish line was that street light in front of Rallis’ house.

      Loved Fuller Place. I was so lucky that my cousins (Sabbagh’s) lived there.

      The Rooney’s were friends too. Jamie and Timmy were good people.

      Jimmy Rallis is the man. His brother Kenny was cool too.

      Joe O’Boyle and the Dilgen’s.

      Great people man, great people!

      Again, great hearing from you.

      I hope you are well.


    • DON CUSH says:

      Kick the stick Now that was a game

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