Me and Dick Bavetta

Congratulations to Dick Bavetta.  Last night he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Dick lived down on 8th street back in the day.

Billy Mudge and him used to run the streets together.

Boy could they sing on that street corner!



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9 Responses to A GOOD GUY

  1. Mudge says:

    Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and a tug in my heart. DOZ WUZ DA DAZE The memoirys of singing at Lake George, St. Savior dancers St. Brennans dances . singing on 11th. St. and the park side the subway on 8th. ave. and 9th. St. The memorys of Joe Becket Billy Casey Joe Gelespy I know I spelled it wrong Mike Moran and Dick Bavetta Elizabith Haughie She was the pres. of our fan club and Iwas crazy about her. She married Casey and I hope lived happily ever after. What I would give to see them again. Thank you again for jarring the memorys. I won’t be able to sleep tonight but thats all right at my age Ive. got pleanty of time later for sleep

  2. Mudge says:

    I can’t seem to get in touch with him. As for Joe he and I were best of friends I played for and coach foot ball with him for years . I also coached Billy Myler his step son. If you remember you were going to give Dick my email address when you seen him last year but forgot to bring it withyou

  3. Jim Casey says:

    I has the privilege of reffing some of Gerard Conlin’s games at St. Ann’s with Dick in the mid 70s.
    What a career !
    His Hall,of Fame speech was as humorous as the one at the Oldtimers dinner in May

  4. Jim Casey says:

    He has a future as an after dinner speaker–very funny

  5. Mudge says:

    If you get a hold of Bavetta tell him Iam. looking to start another singing group I need a good 2nd. tenoir .

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