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Boy-0-boy did Mick have it right, huh?

“Time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me…”

Today marks the first day of school for my daughter. She’s starting her junior year of high school.


She was born in 1999, that feels like yesterday.

But then again that is 16 years ago.

When I open up my computer and go to this blog and begin to compose, I always think back to when I was a teenager. It “jogs” my memory.

I think of all the nights we spent hanging out and having fun.

Schoolyard. Parkside. Any street corner. Back of McBears. PS 154’s schoolyard playing night basketball with Andrew Purdy.

I think of my school boy days as a student at Holy Name. Man I wish I would have paid attention to the teachers. Wish I would have studied and completed my homework on time.

But most of all I think back to my time playing basketball for Holy Name.

I started when I was 8 and finished when I was 13.  My coaches Georgie Rauthier, Danny Piselli, the late Joe Farrell and Tom Brady. Those guys taught me so much about the game.

Those days seem like yesterday. When I think back to the practices in the schoolyard, I feel like walking out of my house and taking 212 steps. That’s how far away the yard was from our apartment.

I’m 51 now. I have learned to cherish every minute of each day.

Wish I would have had that same thought process back in the day.

Have a great day everyone!