Mills' Pitbulls

Hey Red,

I saw your Post about Tommy Mills.

He was my step-mom’s cousin.

I didnt really know him, Mom is closer to Harry, but it is very sad for all of them.

When they found Tommy they found his dogs in his apartment – 2 senior Pitbulls that are in ACC custody right now.

Mom has enlisted me to try to help find homes for them, I am working with one of Tom’s neighbors.

The priority is to find fosters to take them so we can get them pulled from ACC before they end up on the Euth list. and then find permanent homes for them.
The Grey one is Oliver, he is a 10 year old Pit Mix (We may have a foster for him I am hoping to get confirmation that he has been pulled later today, but still needs a home)
 The Brindle one is Houdini, he is a 6 year old Pit Mix – I need a home for him as well but at least a foster to start.

I am told both dogs are very well behaved and quiet and are not aggressive.

 I was hoping you would post a follow up to your blog about Tommy and ask anyone to contact me – Christine

Email: if they are interested in fostering or adopting.

Warm Regards,
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5 Responses to TOMMY’S DOGS

  1. Christine says:


  2. Christine Perovic says:

    Both dogs are safely placed in foster homes and out of ACC. Thanks for sharing. We are still looking for permanent homes for both.

  3. H. Mills says:

    Christine, thank you very, very much for what you did. It’ll never be forgotten, love Harry

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