68 Bus

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9 Responses to HOP ON THE BUS, GUS

  1. Emmett Hoops says:

    How long did it take the city to put the bus number on the back of the bus? I seem to recall having to run like crazy to reach the front of the bus, always to find it was the right one anyway.

    But…hopping on the bus….reminds me of Al Collura. Anyone remember him? Fell off a bus he’d hopped on. That was on PPSW between 10th and 11th, probably 1970 or so.

    • Red says:

      Hoops, you had me laughing with that comment about running for the bus then looking at the front of it.

      I did that on ninth avenue with 69 and 75.

      Now to Al Collura. I knew his brother Ray. Never knew Al but we heard the story.

      I remember hitching and we got yelled at by someone who mentioned Al.

      Thanks for adding your comments.

  2. TonyF16 says:

    I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was there

  3. Cathy Bove' Ciliento says:

    I grew up with Al. He was a good friend. His passing knocked all his friends for a loop. What a sad day that was. I still keep him in my prayers. He was also a lot fun and always had a way to make others feel better with his sense of humor. What happened to Al had a tremendous affect on us as kids. We were all between 12 and 14 years old. No one should lose a friend at that young an age. May he “Rest in Peace”…

    • Donna Levy (Haick) says:

      Cathy I also remember Al. Yes we all grew up with Al. He was a good person. That day was a very sad day for all of us who knew Al. May he rest in Peace.

  4. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I remember Al well, he and my younger sister were “going out” as only 11 year olds can..he was always in our house, I knew his mother Gloria quite well from the neighborhood..Al was a really funny kid..quick, handsome..his death was the first time I experienced losing someone who didn’t seem ancient..I was emotionally removed from older generations, but I can still remember the grief I felt when Al passed..I remember Raymond in the neighborhood afterwards, and as a teenager, I never knew what to say to him, so, I did as most of us do..just never mentioned it…as I have grown older, I believe that people need to hear us share our memories of their loved ones..I often wonder where Al would be if he were still with us..RIP

  5. TomFields says:

    Al was in my class in Holy Name. We played on the HN soccer team when soccer was an exotic sport. He would have been going off to Xaverian with 5 or 6 of us who did go. He was a gifted athlete and one of those kids who fit in with everyone. He was funny, tough, smart, and had a good heart. He died the winter before we graduated in 1970. Buried in his altar boy cassock and surplice. His death cast a long shadow. Tragedy doesn’t come close enough to describe the end of the life that may have been.
    Each day is a blessing. Love to his family and RIP Alfonso.

  6. Mike Bove says:

    I miss Al still to this day.we use to call it skeethcing .we would grab onto a car ,truck ,bus,in the snow or ice.we sled and laughed.we loved it.then Al was killed .I miss my friend.

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