Great spot…

Regina Bakery sign

For the ultimate cookie…

Rainbow cookie - 2

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8 Responses to AROUND THE CORNER

  1. bob terry says:

    I went in there last November after attending mass @ Holy Name. They have excellent cookies (my son enjoyed them; I didn’t indulge as I’m always watching calories. I want to get back to my Holy Name weight; I’m currently @ 145; only 25 pounds to go & it’s never going to happen; I’d be thrilled to see the 130s again; that will happen. What can I say, I live in Hollywood & we are obsessed with our weight). They also had Easter Pie, my favorite; I almost went off my diet, but didn’t. Maybe next time if I’m in the 130s.

    • Red says:


      Have a few cookies…walk a few miles afterwards.

      Gotta live it up bro!

      Those rainbow cookies are awesome.

      • bob terry says:

        I know, those rainbow cookies were my favorite when I was a kid on 16th Street. Heck, I never met a cookie I didn’t like. I really like black & whites from a good Jewish deli or bakery. If you live in New York or are travelling there, go to Bouchon @ Rockefeller Center & enjoy an ├ęclair; they are the best. I can still remember sitting @ the counter @ Rae & Otto’s and enjoying one of those chocolate Drake’s donuts. In fact, when I was walking down Prospect Park West that Sunday in November, I was having a sense memory (Lee Strasberg would have been proud of me) of the Kaiser rolls @ L&J bakery; unfortunately, they were gone. Well, enough about food. I promise, when I’m back in New York in October @ The Cathedral 100th anniversary dinner, if I’m in the 130s, I’ll have a few cookies.

      • Red says:

        Good stuff Bobby. Sitting at the counter in Rae and Otto’s…those were the days my friend.

  2. bob terry says:

    P.S. I am an avid walker. I was up to 50 miles a week & have walked many marathons.

  3. Jim Casey says:

    Ok, but hard to beat Ebingers for their cakes, especially the Blackout and Hard icing Chocolate layer–heavenly

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