Eddie Gilligan

I received sad news about the passing of Eddie Gilligan.

He was 55.

Clink the link below for the details.

Eddie was a neighborhood guy.

Condolences to the entire Gilligan family.


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10 Responses to RIP – EDDIE GILLIGAN

  1. Emmett Hoops says:

    Holy crap. Eddie was a classmate. President of American Express? Sheesh, I’m a 2nd grade teacher. Condolences to the family, should they ever read this blog.

    • Red says:


      2nd grade teacher is an awesome job. You are making an incredible impact on the children. Keep up the good work.

      • at78rpm says:

        Thanks, Red. When I compare the stuff Sister Helen Dolores taught me in second grade at Holy Name with what I’m teaching now, it amazes me. Two different worlds. I remember, more than anything, staring out the gigantic windows at the very red brick of the Rectory, wondering if it was paint or something else. With luck, the kids I’m teaching will remember something other than the bricks on the gym wall opposite our classroom: but I’m probably deluding myself.

  2. Emmett Hoops says:

    Whoops…two different accounts. Let me fix that…at78rpm and Emmett Hoops are one and the same!

  3. Jim Fields says:

    Emmett, good to hear from you. My mom is still good friends with Sister Helen after all these years. Great to hear that you are following in her footsteps. My favorite memory of her second grade class was that she was in charge of selling snack at break time on Wednesdays, so our class always had first shot at the best candies and snacks!

    • Emmett Hoops says:

      Jim! The “Hey, did you hear who’s in a Nerf ball ad” guy! Good hearing from you, too. If you have Sister Helen’s address, I’d sure appreciate having it. You can email me at ( at g mail dot com). Yes, I remember Wednesdays….and I remember the time someone yelled in the stairwell on the way back from the bathroom, and Mrs. Tobin demanded to know who had done it. I don’t think Rikers Island ever had a more terrifying person working there than Holy Name had in Mrs. Tobin.

      What are you doing these days? Still in Brooklyn?

  4. Jim Fields says:

    Mrs. Tobin…eek… You just sent a chill up my spine…

    Do you remember when we were in eighth grade and they announced over the PA that she had died? We all cheered and Gillen, Volastro and Bro. Flannan really let us have it.

    I will get you Sister Helen’s address.

    We have been living in the western suburbs of Philly since 1996. My wife and I are about to become empty nesters with our two boys graduated and our daughter soon to be a junior in college. You?

    • Emmett Hoops says:

      I remember Mr. Castaldo’s death being announced…it felt like V-J Day. Me, I’m in Saranac Lake, a small, cold little village of 5,500 people and 10,000,000 times as many black flies. They mostly stay in the woods and feast on foolish tourists, though. I teach in a different town, also with a small population, and if I had to keep score, I’d say I’ve had 22 good years in teaching and 3 that I’d rather forget. Not many jobs give that much joy. I’m also the technology guy here at school, and I love that part of it.

      My daughters are 29 and 27, quite already out of the house and married to perfect gentlemen. I couldn’t be happier for them. The oldest is in Albany and the youngest in Canton, CT. My first marriage didn’t work out well, so I remarried in ’08 and have never been happier — except for the personal disaster that hit my family last year. My brother Mark (4 years older than we, but 5 years ahead in school due to skipping 3rd grade) died of ALS on Feb 21 of this year. He was my best friend, and I miss him terribly.

      I often think about my elementary school years; perhaps more so because of what I do every day. I was such a scared kid. It’s a wonder I made it all the way to 8th grade without some sort of tranquilizer.

      Remember Charlie Hofmeister in 8th grade? I heard he died in Texas about 25 years ago.

      Too much time has passed. I wish I could invent a machine to bring me back.

  5. Don Cush says:

    Jim, Emmett, I remember when Sister Helen sold those snacks she lectured us never to try those sugar straws because they cam from a horses hoof. She was my favorite teacher from Holy Name. I would also love to have her address

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