Sun is shining.

It’s a gorgeous morning.

Got my hustle on. Backpack on my back. Looking to get some serious writing in. Morning time is the best for writing.

Pass a few friendly people. Smiles all around. Smiles are on the house. Cost nothing to smile, right?

But hold up. You can’t be serious?

Come on man?

No Wi-fi in a coffee shop?

Should I disclose what spot I am talking about? Should I rat them out? Post them up?

Give you a hint.

It’s on the circle.

Another hint.

Two-names.  Last name is “Muffin.”

You got it yet?

Here’s another hint; First name is the name of a State here in the U.S. of A.

Ordered an expensive latte (No foam) and an okay muffin. Nothing to blog about, that’s for sure.

After taking a seat by the window tried to log on to my MacBook, no internet access.


Some kind of road race over in Prospect Park. Lots of runners waiting on line in coffee shop. Lots of thirsty runners that is.

“Excuse me, do you have a password for the Wi-fi?” I asked the lady behind the counter.

“NoWi-fi on weekends.”


Did I just hear that?

Come on man!


Downed ny coffee, ate my okay muffin and was out the door in a flash.

Dunkin’ Donuts here I come.

At least your Wi-fi is kicking!

No Wi-fi on weekends?

What’s that all about?


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6 Responses to NO WI-FI? NO CAN DO. I’M OUT

  1. Joe says:

    No Wi-Fi on the weekends? I guess the muffin place will not be a “Hot Spot” anymore!

  2. TonyF16 says:

    Thats because they don’t want people hanging out on the weekends. They get more foot traffic and it’s all about cash and carry OUT. The Loyal customers are content with that and they wont stop going in and the storeowners know that. It like a come on sale once your in your in.
    Bottom line is $$$$$ Ka-Ching

  3. Joe says:

    My comment or the fact the place had no wi-fi on the weekend?

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