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As a kid growing up in the 80’s, I was glued to ninth avenue. Oh don’t get me wrong, we ventured to other neighborhoods but, It was rare I walked seventh avenue. Or hung out down there.

I got news for you, that’s all changed.

Seventh avenue has become my spot when I visit.

What an incredible stretch of pavement from Flatbush Avenue to Windsor Place.

You got it all.

Restaurants, coffee shops, and best of all, the people. (Wait until I tell you about 5th avenue, you won’t believe it)

Let’s face it, the people make a city. Not just in New York, it’s all over the country.

The ones who grind.

The ones who walk the streets.

They bring a buzz. A pulse. The streets are alive. The break dancers are still here!

Starbucks on Flatbush and seventh cracks me up. Who would have “thunk” it?

I jumped inside for a latte and a quick phone charge but it was packed. Not a seat or electrical outlet to charge up my phone.

I was fucked.

Dying for a coffee, I can take it to go (Yo Frankie, make that coffee to go. Let’s go!)

But that will not work.

So I keep going along seventh avenue making my way back home.

Which reminds me, our neighborhood has improved so much. I’m talking ninth avenue.

I love the new look. Love the vibe. It’s electric.

The people are awesome.

Bumped into Billy K and Martin C – two good dudes. Been in the neighborhood from day one.

To gain a friend, try being a friend.

Stop complaining.

I love my girl Teesha’s take on the people who have moved.


Teesha was born, raised and still lives on Prospect Avenue and 8th.

She didn’t even know her neighbor is a pretty good actor. (Amongst Friends and Basketball Diaries)

During this trip I made some dynamite connections with people who have been in the neighborhood for just a short time.

My guy Frankie and his family down on Windsor and 8th are good people. Had a chance to spend some time with them on the parkside. Frank and his wife would have fit in with us.

The awesome couple I sat next to at Dub Pies were very cool. We talked basketball and school.

Who cares where people are from?

Embrace them.

My next stop was the Starbucks on first street and seventh avenue. Got a pretty good seat by the window. Felt bad for the couple sitting next to me, they were having some sort of problems. The wife was crying.

Spent some time here and then felt a bit hungry so I hit up Smiling Pizza at midnight for a chicken cutlet parm hero.

Paradise man, plain paradise.