Love Second Avenue train station.

Brings back so many memories.

When I was 16 I enrolled at LaSalle Academy.

I didn’t last too long though.

Every morning Frankie and Jimmy Cullen would take me to Sam’s, a little spot a couple of blocks from school where we would have a coke and a buttered roll.

LaSalle produced great basketball players over the years, including the Candy Man, John Candeleria.

What has not changed is the homeless. Just seems to be a little less of them.

I make a stop at Gem Spa, best Egg Cream around.

My journey takes me up Broadway to Strand Bookstore where I pick up a cool book titled, “52 Weeks.”

George Mumford has a good book out, gotta pick it up soon. Strand did not have it. SHOCKER!

So many people walking the streets of NYC.

At West 4th street the run is terrible. I keep walking while tourists lean against the fence watching bad basketball.


I make my way over to Ben’s for two slices and a coke. Taking a seat across the street on a park bench the ballplayers in the park are terrible. They have a lay-up line going.

Pretty funny.

My mission today is to score a new backpack. I have been working with a cool NorthFace but it’s about five years old. Time for a new one.

“Bag City” is the main spot. Located on Broadway, right by Strand. I pick up a really cool blue backack from Victorinox.

Union Square Park is a mess. Tons of people.

I’ve been walking around all afternoon.

I cover a lot of ground. These Saucony on my feet are like “pillows for the feet.”

Can’t pass Madison Square Garden without making a stop and snapping a few photos. Rangers kicking ass in the playoffs this year. There’s a vibe on seventh avenue. Gift shops are loaded with Rangers shirts.

Penn Station looks different. It’s manned by our National Guard.

Stopped in Pret A Manger up in Rockefeller Center. Great place for lunch.

Lot of tourists.


Try the Roast Beef.

“Yo, you know where the Blue Bottle Coffee is?” I ask a Fed-Ex guy.

“Never heard of it,” he answers, hopping up into his truck.

The city inspires me.

I love the energy. You can feel it.

One thing I love about Chelsea is everyone is in great shape. They take health to another level.

At about seven I hop on the D-Train and take it to Barclays.

Over the Bridge.

Great view.


“Yo Red, remember back in the day you needed to carry a pistol if you walked around here,” my guy Johnny P reminded me.

Its dark outside. I am standing on the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues looking up at the arena where the Brooklyn Nets play.

Think I’ll walk up Flatbush to Seventh Avenue.

Restaurants all over the place.

Everyone you turn there’s sidewalk cafe’s.

A group of teens are standing outside a pizza joint, taking up most of the sidewalk. I walk right through them.

They didn’t notice me, all had their eyes glued to their cell phones.

Back in the day we formed circles on the avenue and talked to each other. Don’t recall what we said but we talked.

Starbucks on Seventh Avenue and Flatbush. Sight for sore eyes.

Time for some coffee.