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I am up, showered, and out the door by 6:30.

Places to go, people to see, food to eat and of course, coffee to drink.

It’s a gorgeous morning. Sun is out, people actually have smiles on their faces and respond when I say, “Good morning.”

Crossing the circle I think of heading into Connecticut Muffin but decide to hold off.

First stop is Terrace Bagels on Windsor and ninth.

The place has a line. People love their bagels. Guys behind the counter are hustling. If Louie the owner was around, he would be proud.

“WHO’S NEXT?” Counter guy shouts.

“Give me the Brooklyn Boy a toasted Everything bagel,” I answered.

For those who don’t know, the Brooklyn Boy is Ham and egg on a bagel.

I sit at an empty table by the window and back door. Placing my bag on the chair, people are in a rush, gotta get to work I guess. Moving quickly.

All good, I feel them. I remember those days.  That train, oh that train…

My first screw up of the trip was jumping the gun.

Counter person calls out “DAVE” sandwich was ready. I reached for it and made a mistake.

“You Dave?” he inquired.

“Oh shit, my fault,” I quickly countered placing the brown paper bag back on the counter.

Everyone waiting for their order gave me the stink eye. I felt stupid.

Dave was like, “YO BRO, THAT’S MINE.”

Finally my sandwich is ready.

Grabbing a seat, all set to dive into a real breakfast sandwich but something was missing. I need a newspaper.

Post, Daily News, Newsday…I will even settle for a New York Times.

No Rae and Otto and Jimmy’s is now closed.

Suspended operations!


“Yo, you know where I can get a newspaper?” I asked someone on their way out the door.

“No,” the guy with the suit and tie growled.

Damn dude. Sorry I asked.

The avenue needs a newsstand. In the worst way.

Great idea for a business huh? (Anyone want to back it, I’ll move back to run it) We can call it “Reds.”

We’ll sell papers, magazines, candy, soda, and we’ll even bring back the counter and make egg creams.

After I polish off my sandwich and wash it down with a bottle of water, I head up the avenue to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Passing a few people on the avenue I don’t recognize one face.

Where is everyone?

Dunkin’ Donuts is steady. Couple of people in-line. Donuts looking good but I can’t be messing with them.

I order a large coffee, milk and three splenda and grab a seat by the window; great view of the avenue.

Wi-Fi is kicking. What would I do without it?

I’m in my glory.

“Coffee light and sweet,” I hear someone shout to the counter person.

Haven’t heard that in a long time.

As I look across the street at Holy Name Church I see an older group of folks exiting.

I see Mrs. Martin from Windsor Place.

Oh shit, there goes Mr. and Mrs. Cox. I think that’s them?

Finally, some familiar faces.

Feel like jogging across and asking “How’s Laura and Karen?”

Two good girls I grew up with back in the day.

Have to tell you about a young lady who complained about her coffee not once, not twice, but three times.

Felt bad for the lady behind the counter.

“Don’t worry my friend, I love the coffee here,” I assured her.

A college kid is working hard. Wiping down tables. Cleaning the legs of the chairs.

“Great job,” I tell him.

“Thanks,” he answers.

I hope he doesn’t think I was a smart-ass. I admire people who work hard.

Time to split, going over to the city today.

Where’s my Metro Card?