While in Brooklyn last weekend, I was informed of a young lady by the name of Jill Conroy. Jill attended Bishop Ford and hails from down by East 5th street.

Maybe some of our readers are familiar with the Conroy family?

Jill plays college basketball at Holy Family. While she attended Bishop Ford, she played on the girls basketball team; Dennis Nolan was her coach.

And how about Bobby Valentine? Unreal what Bobby did.

Take a few minutes and check out this awesome story via ESPN.


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  1. Jim Casey says:

    Terrific article
    Thanks, Steve

    • Red says:


      I didn’t know anything about them.

      Hopefully more people on the blog can chime in.

      Enjoying the NBA playoffs?

  2. George Farrell says:

    Wonderful story. Thanx for sharing it Coach.

  3. Jim Casey says:

    Love Curry and the passing of the Warriors.
    When I met Bob McKillop, Curry’s college coach at the Oldtimers event last year, he said that Curry was as fine a person as a player

    • Red says:


      I think Curry is a better person than player.

      His dad Dell is an awesome guy.

      90% of kids are a product of their parents.

      In my study anyway…

  4. Wonderful family thanks for posting !

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