Parking sign 9th and9th

Tuesday afternoon – May 12

“Yo Billy, don’t park your car over on ninth street,” Mikey warned his friend while they sat on the parkside enjoying a container from Farrell’s.

“Why not?” Billy wondered.

“Cause, read this,” Mikey replied, handing the newspaper to Billy.


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5 Responses to 9TH STREET AND PPW

  1. richie k says:

    It maybe a money maker but it clearly states when not to park there, Goes to show you because someone is very smart doesn’t mean they have common sense lolllllllll He’s better off fighting to have the bike lane removed that they all wanted! I understand very few people use it anyway, If they would park normal like most places this wouldn’t even be a issue.

  2. Darlene C says:

    I understand the issue last year. The signs went up after April 1 during the day while cars were parked there. Clearly people do not look up. Aren’t the rules that the topmost sign wins and therefore you are ticketed accordingly?

  3. Willy Wickham says:

    Can’t feel sorry for this guy, it is clear. When parking signs seem to be conflicting, the most restrictive sign rules. And red signs always trump!

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