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Monday morning – May 4

“Hope you didn’t bet the Nets Friday night,” Billy barked at Mikey as the two friends stood on the corner of Windsor Place and Ninth Avenue.

“Don’t even go there,” Mikey warned.

Billy laughed as a few kids with their parents rushed past them heading to school.

“They sucked,” Billy added.  “I was outta there in the middle of the third quarter.”

Mikey had indeed bet the Nets Friday night. Billy said he liked Brooklyn with the points. The line started at four points and grew to five, two hours before the game. Mikey was able to get the five.  A few hours later, the Nets got smashed 111-87.  Now he was really in the hole.

Mikey had one last chance to get even on Saturday afternoon but he whiffed on the Derby and picked Pacquiao in the big fight vs Mayweather.

“I bet Pacquiao Saturday night and my horse didn’t come in in the Derby,” Mikey groaned.

“Shit, did you bet the Spurs-Clippers game?” Billy asked.

“Nah, I couldn’t get it in,” Mikey informed him.

Billy took a bite out of his buttered roll and sipped his coffee.

“Should’ve took the Clippers,” Billy added.

“I gotta pay Roger seven hundred dollars by tonight,” Mikey explained.

Billy looked at him.

“You schmuck!” Billy shouted.

Mikey was speechless.

“I told ya asshole, stop gambling, especially when you’re outta work, jerk-off!”

Mikey felt terrible. He had listened to Billy so many times telling him to give up gambling. But it was hard. He was addicted to it and there was nothing that could stop him.

“My unemployment check comes today, so at least I can give Roger five-hundred,” Mikey noted.

Billy looked away.

“I’ll give you the other two,” Billy offered.

“REALLY?” Mikey replied.

“Yeah, yeah but no more Mikey, no more bettin’.”

“Okay man, I swear on a stack of bibles, no more,” Mikey assured him as he leaned forward and hugged Billy.

“Get off me man, people will get the wrong idea,” Billy howled.

Billy and Mikey have known each other since their days at Holy Name, they were always there for each other. Had each others backs.

“How’d it go with that new lady friend Friday night?” Mikey inquired.

Billy looked at Mikey and laughed, “None of your business,” as he walked away, towards Holy Name Church.

“Where ya goin’?” Mikey hollered.

“Confession,” Billy joked as he polished off his coffee and tossed it in the trash can on the corner.

Mikey stood there watching his friend walk up the avenue towards the church.

“Confession?” Mikey thought to himself.