Two posts on the blog in a half hour…


Like Freddie Mercury once said, “Don’t stop me now...”

Check it out, more news on Sanders.


Sanders 2015

Thanks to all who brought it to my attention.

By the way, anyone see Maria?



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6 Responses to ON A ROLL TODAY

  1. Mudge says:

    It saddens me to see that the sanders is going to disapear from my life. Iguess nothing lasts forever.Asfor Maria I wish I would of seen her would I have had a discreption for you.

  2. Willy Wickham says:

    The way they ran that place it is no wonder it is going. At least the facade will survive it seems. The Google reviews for the Pavillion are hilarious https://www.google.com/search?q=pavilion+theater&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#lrd=0x89c25b1c30b1c9b3:0xb0bf247b2ad09393,1

  3. George Farrell says:

    I remember the Sanders well from my youth. Other stores on the Square were Lewne’s, Langton’s Saloon, a drug store and Meet Me At The Stand. Been 60 years so my memory is fading. Maybe Mudge can help me out.

  4. George Farrell says:

    As for Maria…she must have been after my time, Coach. Pretty girls I had a crush on back in the mid-50’s were Patricia Harvey, Francs Butler and Maureen “Mickey” Duffy. Hope they are all healthy and happy.

  5. TonyF16 says:

    A regular shit hole but alot of fond memories.

    There was also a head shop closer to 15th street, downstairs

  6. TonyF16 says:

    I remember when they used to come around to the stores on the ave and put the cardboard signs in the window of what was showing that week. They gave out free passes to the store owners.

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