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Monday night.

April 21…

You remember Maria, right?

Well there she goes, right over there.

She looks great. Always smiling.

She’s walking alone, going right by Farrell’s, towards the park. There’s a a few guys on the corner of 16th street checking her out.  Tight jeans. White sneakers. Denim jacket.



What’s crazy is my boy Tony was asking about her the other night. “Whatever happened to that Hispanic chick from Church Avenue?”

For once, I was speechless.

What the fuck did happen to her? It was probably me that fucked up. After we hung out that night in the park I told her I was going to meet her at East 5th the next night; I never made it.

Shit, I gotta catch up to her.  I throw my bottle of coke in the trash can.Tuck my newspaper in my back pocket.

Gotta tell ya, I think about her often. Matter of fact, I could be in bed late at night and she’s the only thing on my mind. I think of her even when I am with my girlfriend. Yeah I know, that’s pretty shitty of me. I know. If my girlfriend ever knew I was with her…oh boy I would be fucked.

But I gotta be honest with you. I will never forget that night we hung out in the park. Maria is an amazing kisser. Nothing lasts forever, right? Beautiful girls don’t come around often. Besides, I think I’m in love with my girl.

Jetting across ninth avenue, I call out to Maria.

“Hey, wait up!” She looks over her left shoulder and says hi.

“Where ya’ been?” I ask.

“Oh I’ve been around.”

I stop dead in my tracks, looking around.

“After that night we hung in the park I never saw you again,” I tell her.

“I’ve been busy.”

She’s been busy?

“And you stood me up,” she tells me.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

“And besides, me and my boyfriend got back together,” she informs me as she lets out a giggle.

I am standing still on the corner, right outside Oak park pharmacy. I knew I should have went down to East 5th to meet her.  I fucked up.

“Oh, okay,” I say to Maria as she looks over towards the circle.

Guess I really blew this one… I have no idea what to say next.

This is where I always fuck up. I’m awful with words. I clam up. Wish I knew what to say in times like this. I’m not very good at expressing my feelings.

She’s fucking gorgeous and I threw it all away.

A few of of my friends are walking towards us.

“Red, what’s up?” Johnny G asks.


“Come on, we’re going to the city,” he informs me as he looks at Maria.

We’ve been doing this a lot lately. Back in August we met some kids at Brighton Beach who were from the city. We became friends, started playing ball and now we hang out over there once or twice a week. They’re cool people.

They begin to walk towards the subway, I watch him, Mickey and Kevin walk down the stairs.

“You going?” Maria asks.

I am standing there frozen. Still thinking of Maria’s boyfriend.

“Yeah probably,” I answer.

“Okay well have fun,” Maria says as she jogs over to the circle.

I watch her run. She has amazing legs. Maria goes straight for some tall guy. They hug. I feel like an idiot. Dejected and feeling like shit, I walk to the subway, jog down the stairs and catch up to my friends.

“Yo, wait up!” I scream out.

We’re headed over to the city. As I sit on the F-train, I can’t take my mind off Maria.