Bless me readers for I have sinned; it’s been one week since my last entry… How about Dick Bavetta? Nominated for the Basketball Hall of Fame! My man was voted in…and it’s well deserved! Hip-Hip, Hooray! Here’s me and Dick last May at the Old-Timers dinner.  Congrats Dick…

Me and Dick Bavetta

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6 Responses to THE HALL OF FAME

  1. Mudge says:

    As I have mentioned in earlyer blogs dick and have been good freinds for a long time We were in the same singing group in the fiftys.Spent a lot summer weekends up in lake george . His brother Joe and I were also good friends Joe and I couched football together The memory of Dickie and Joe bring a warm feeling in my heart. I wish them both the very best LOVE BILL MUDGE

  2. George Farrell says:

    Well-deserved honor! Congrats, Dick! Terriers are in the HOF….woooowoooo!

  3. celtic7 says:

    Had the privilege of reffing some games with Dick at St. Ann’s in Brooklyn Heights, coached by Gerard Conlin. An honor well deserved.

    • Red says:

      Dick was a guy who worked hard to get to the top of his profession. Loved hearing stories about the climb. Dick told a great story last year about Alan Iverson.

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