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In the history of men’s college basketball, there has been only five D-1 schools NOT to make the NCAA tournament. (160 original schools)

The Citadel


William & Mary


Go ahead, guess the fifth?

Time’s up!

St. Francis College of Brooklyn. That’s right, our very own college. (Sorry Brooklyn College, you guys used to be D-1 when Jackie Ryan and Turk suited up)

Guess which of the five schools can take themselves off that list tonight and go dancing? Here’s a hint, William & Mary lost last night in their conference championship so they are eliminated. The Citadel just fired their coach. So go ahead, take a stab at it. Army, Northwestern or SFC?

SFC Terrier

If you guessed the Terriers of St. Francis, Hooley will buy you a drink!

That’s right sports fans.  Tonight down on Remsen Street the Terriers have a chance to make the NCAA tournament with a win over Robert Morris. (Northwestern can break their streak if they win the Big Ten tournament this week in Chicago).

Looking back, there were so many people from the neighborhood that attended SFC.

As a kid I used to hop on the F-train and go see Gerard Trapp play at 180 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights. Gerard wore number four. And no, I did not pay my fare. We hopped the turnstile.

Gerard was my hero.


It was my first exposure to men’s college basketball.

I also recall hopping in Forte Bellino’s car on the corner of Ninth and Windsor Place and go watch Edgar De La Rosa run the point for the Terriers. Edgar grew up on Prospect Avenue and played four years at Bishop Ford.

Oh, I can’t leave out my girl, Mary Kawas, one of the best female athletes of all-time. We grew up together.  She too played ball for SFC. And let me tell, could she ball. Oh baby she gad game.

No one knew at the time but I had dreams of playing for SFC. I would work on my game in the boys schoolyard late at night making believe I was playing for the Terriers. As we all know, it never worked out.

Bishop Ford alum Glenn Braica is doing a great job as head coach at his alma mater. Glenn is a good dude. I am so happy for him. Good things do happen to good people.

So tonight at 7pm on ESPN2, do yourself a favor and pull up a chair to cheer on the Terriers.  The game is being played down on Remsen Street.  If you’re going to the game, good luck with parking. Or, you can do like me and take the F-train to Jay Street.