Was recently introduced to some interesting material; ways to control stress. Who’s not stressed?

In a nutshell it says, right before you go to bed at night to think back over your day and remember three good things that happened – things that went well, that you enjoyed or were grateful for. These can be small (e.g. a delicious sandwich or a child smiling on the bus) or of bigger importance for you. You’ll probably find it varies. Try doing this for a week to start with.

The article says that people who are grateful tend to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.  They go on to say that being grateful can help people cope with stress and can even have a beneficial effect on heart rate. In tests, people who tried it each night for just one week were happier and less depressed one month, three months and six months later.

Here’s the link:

Now, I started this program today (Saturday February 28, 2015).

But if I were to look back at my time growing up in the neighborhood, here’s my three.

1-An Egg Cream



Now it’s your turn.

On your mark, get set, go…



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5 Responses to THE BIG THREE

  1. bob terry says:

    1.) Being able to live in Holy Name Parish @ a time (1954 – 1972) when so many of my relatives lived there.
    2.) Being able to know some of the finest people I’ve ever known while @ Holy Name Parish.
    3.) Being grateful for the education & moral compass I received @ Holy Name School, Cathedral Prep & St. Francis College.

  2. celtic7 says:


    • Jim Casey says:

      non-hoops top 3–
      1-Brooklyn Dodgers, esp Gil Hodges
      2-Ebingers hard icing chocolate icing layer cake
      3-watching baseball at Parade Grounds, ex Joe Torre and John Vesey for Jimmy McElroy’s Brooklyn Cadets

  3. Mudge says:

    My memories of the neighber hood the poeple in parkslope were the greatest even the peoplei didnt get along with were top mother f—–s. Memories of tuna fish sandwichs from the 7th. ave. bakery across the street from Manual high school. for years i had tried to mix the tuna to match but always failed then when I was in my thirties it dawned on me the secret was in the bread Iam some rocket scientest. And this one should be no suprise. MY LIST TUNA SANDWICH; FRIENDS ; FOOTBALL. football.

  4. jimmy vac says:

    1. BASEBALL (playing, reading and watching)
    2. BASKETBALL (playing, reading and watching)
    3. WINDSOR PLACE (between 7th & 8th) playing in the street, kids of all ages, and great neighbors.

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