The New York Times took to the streets. Interesting look around the city.

Looks like the neighborhood made it.

Click this link and scroll down to ‘South Slope’.

If you don’t feel like clicking and scrolling, I got you; here’s what a resident (Barbara Barran) said about 16th street. A heroin and crack dealer? Nooooo…

When I moved to my block 25 years ago, we had a heroin dealer two doors down and a crack dealer two doors up. Our car was broken into repeatedly, and we couldn’t leave flowers or pots on our front steps, as they would be stolen. Prospect Park was unkempt and scary. The movie theater was closed and there wasn’t much variety available in terms of restaurants. Today, the block is safe and beautiful. People build planters and take care of the street trees. There’s a vibrant new pub at the end of the block, a refurbished movie theater, and loads of restaurants on Prospect Park West. The park itself is a gem: clean, safe, and alive with runners, bikers, children playing, couples strolling. The downside? Parking has become very difficult, and we get lots of tickets. And the F train has become unbearable at rush hour. But gentrification? I’m all for it!



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  1. Mudge says:

    It sounds like this womens problem is she dont know which vendor to go to the one two doors up or two doors down. I wonder how she knew they were there did they hang a sign. She also is not much of a cook needing that many food joints . However Iam. glad she found a bar that sells pleanty of booze. This probly solved her needs.

  2. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Is she kidding about that theater? It is one of the WORST theaters I have ever been a matter of fact, I don’t even go there….3 times was enough….

  3. Willy Wickham says:

    They never talk to the right people, but this woman is funny with having moved there in 1990 and thinking she was a pioneer and not a gentrifying know nothing. She lives down the block from Farrells for 25 years and now finally has a “vibrant new pub” to hang in while discussing the bed bugs she picked up at the Pavilion.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Willy I was thinking the same exact thing…

      Talk to the people who were there in the early days…

      Lazy journalism…

      • Willy Wickham says:

        Very lazy. I know the piece is just some fluff to fill space, probably written by a very green reporter, but they should at least try to get it right. And that’s on the editor, assuming anyone even read that before it got into print.
        The funniest example I remember of reporters not talking to the right person was when the Daily News sent one to stop people on the street in Bay Ridge and ask for their take on Councilman Vincent Gentile being accused by a male aid of sexual harassment about 10 years ago. One man on the street said it would not bother him and gave his name as Phil McCrackin. The News ran the comment in print with that name where it was quickly spotted by a local blogger who could not believe no one at the News knew that stupid old joke, again assuming anyone even read it before it got in print. On second thought, maybe they did talk to the right person that time.

      • Jack Kelly says:

        That was just the kind of person they were looking for.

  4. Diane C says:

    Very Amusing and sad at the same time. This woman has no clue about the real neighborhood. As for the parking, they complain about anything not bicycle friendly. Give me a break already with the yuppie/hipsters thet all thin they invented Brooklyn Remember we grew here they flew here smh

  5. Maureeen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    meet me out in the street (baby) 🙂

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