Outstanding story via the New York Times on the St. Francis College men’s basketball team.

Bishop Ford alum Glenn Braica is doing a great job as head coach at his alma mater.

As a young boy, it was there at 180 Remsen street, down in Brooklyn Heights where I got my first taste of college basketball.

We would go see Gerard Trapp and Edgar De La Rosa play for SFC and do work!

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  1. George Farrell says:

    Great to see the Terriers back in the hunt! Been a long time since my days at SFC when things were really gritty. The school was on Butler Street back then with no amenities to speak of but no one seemed to mind. Many if not most of us guys (no female students) were sons of blue-collar families just happy to be able to get a good college education at a reasonable rate. Our home court was the 14th Regiment Armory on 14th Street and 8th Ave in Park Slope and the court consisted of two hoops and lines painted on the concrete floor where the soldiers used to drill. No forgiveness on that floor! Every day we schlepped over via subway for practice or games and froze our whiskers off. Hot water ran out quickly in the showers so most guys would do a quick rinse and go. Then back on the subway homeward-bound. Many of the guys lived in Queens as I recall so you usually had company on the trip home. Richie Dreyer was from Jamaica (Presentation/St. Monica ‘s parish). Jimmy Raftery from Briarwood (Our Lady of the Cenacle), Charlie Novak and Tony Miller from the Jackson Heights area. Ray Nash and Davey Lopez were Brooklynites, but I forget which area. Raftery and Nash led the Terriers to the 1963 NIT where they lost by a point to Rick Barry and U of Miami. Glad to see the boys doing well. Go Terriers!

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