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Great piece of writing on Tim Lee by my guy Pat Fenton.

Insightful stuff from Pete Hamill.

Click on link below.

Pat Fenton via the Irish Echo.

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4 Responses to FENTON, LEE and HAMILL

  1. Pat Fenton says:

    I thought some of the neighborhood people might be interested in this Steve. Thanks for the use of the hall. Pat

  2. jimmy vac says:

    Pat, that was a great article….

  3. Joan (Ferraro) Hanvey says:

    Wonderful writing as usual. Our neighborhood produces some talented writers. I spoke to my new friend from Bklyn via Florida. She said you used to take her to the beach and I guess your sister. Her name is Joanie Satriano and her grandmother’s name was Katie Fairechio from 477 17th St. Have a great day. Joan

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