Came across this story in the Daily News.

You remember Nicky Guido from 17th street?

Nicky Guido

Well read on…


The city will pay $5 million to the elderly mother of Nicholas Guido, an innocent victim slain on Christmas Day 1986 by hit men acting on bogus information from Mafia Cops Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, the Daily News has learned.



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5 Responses to 28 YEARS LATER

  1. TonyF16 says:

    Remember him well and I know his brother Mike. What a tragic loss for that family. I’m sure no amount of money can ease the pain they’ve been thru.

    • hoopscoach says:


      You are right…

    • H says:

      I grew up on 13th Street between 7th and 8th avenue. My family moved to Staten Island in 1957 and my brother and I transferred from St. Michael’s Diocesan High School to New Dorp HS on Staten Island.

      The 1st day we had lunch at New Dorp HS we had the misfortune of meeting up with Steven Caracappa.

      Apparently my brother and I sat at a lunch table that Steven Caracappa was only to happy to inform 2 newbies was off limits to us by sticking his head almost in my brothers tray of food and whispering in his ear that we had to move NOW.

      My brother reached up behind Caracappa.’s head and slammed his head into the table, pushed him onto the floor and told him we would move when we finished our lunch if he didn’t mind. Caracappa didn’t mind and never bothered us again.

  2. jimmy vac says:

    Went to school with Nick.. quiet nice kid… what a shame…No money can compensate for what losing a child or brother.

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