Received word that councilman David Greenfield wants to demolish the outdoor hockey rink on McDonald Avenue and Avenue F.


The roller hockey rink at Di Gilio Playground in Kensington has been a part of that community for decades dating back to the 60s.

It’s a part of the identity of the neighborhood.

Ave F - 1

Even though I wasn’t a big hockey guy growing up, I always respected and enjoyed watching some of the neighborhood guys play at the ninth street bandshell. If you grew up in New York City, you were a Rangers or Islanders fan.

The hockey rink at Avenue F should not be demolished.  There’s a bunch of regulars that play hockey there every weekend for the last seven years along with a countless number of men and young adults.

These guys have called it their home rink and use it for their weekend exercise. Matter of fact, why don’t they get the young kids in the neighborhood interested? Hockey is a great sport! It builds toughness. Creates teamwork and most of all, it teaches kids to compete.

Ave F - 2

Losing this rink would mean a heartbreak for many and it would be nothing short of a shame.

Out of the four parks department roller hockey rinks in Brooklyn, Councilman Greenfield is eliminated half of them.

Ave F - 3

I think Greenfield deserves a game misconduct if he gets rid of the Avenue F rink.

But hold up, The New York Islanders are moving to Brooklyn, right? This will bring a higher demand for hockey rinks in Brooklyn. Here’s an idea; how about the Islanders organization coming to the rescue? Conduct hockey clinics for young kids at the rink.

So how about it councilman Greenfield, be a sport. Don’t be a bully. Keep the rink. Let the guys have their fun.

Ave F - 4

What would guys like Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Adam Graves, Eddie Giacomin and Mike Richter think?

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9 Responses to FACEOFF ON AVENUE F

  1. richie k says:

    Its all about money Red, someone will build a condo there, Then they wonder why kids commit crimes they have nothing else to do, All the school yards are closed also. Look at our neighborhood! Kids would spend hours playing sports, or if you weren’t playing you were hanging out watching or playing cards, you were doing something. The yuppies rather have plants, one swing and a couple monkey bars, the rich rather have condo’s.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Richie, I couldn’t believe my eyes while standing on Sherman Street with your brother Kenny. I did not recognize 154 schoolyard.

  2. richie k says:

    I know it’s a shame, Don’t get me wrong we drove some people crazy playing hoops at 11-12 oclock at night lolllllllll but the neighborhood also stayed safe, and for the most part we stayed out of trouble. I go to my parents house once and awhile and i don’t even look across the street at the schoolyard, because there isn’t one there anymore, there’s nothing to look at! I don’t know many people that live on Sherman st and Windsor place anymore but the ones still living there i bet wish we were back bouncing that ball all hrs of the day and night lolll

  3. Kenny Whelan says:

    Played many years down there. We use to take the F train down there from 15th St – Prospect Park. Loved the looks we use to get when a bunch of us would roller skate onto the train in full gear.
    It would be a shame if they tore it down. It can’t be that expensive to keep it up and running.

    Happy New Year –

    • hoopscoach says:


      I knew there were some guys from the neighborhood, just forgot who they were. That must’ve been so cool playing down there. I think I might have even went down there once or twice to watch some hockey.

      Hopefully they keep the rink.

  4. T. Howell says:

    goal scored by T HOWELL bruins 20

  5. Gordon says:

    Big lastime reunion game happening on April 22 /2017 Be there or miss this opportunity to see everyone you played with The Park gets closed for good on April 28, 2017 See us on FB Avenue F Roller Hockey

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