Received an e-mail from an old friend. Someone who I spent a ton of time with when we were kids.  He brought me back, way back, back into time.

Here are just a couple of things that we did together that was great – our whiffle ball games in front of the Cullen’s house…

Man, if you ever played whiffle with us, you know what my man is talking about. We kept stats. used a black marker to put our names on the back of fruit of the loom, white t-shirts and most of all, had a ball! We thought we were in the big leagues!

We played football in the snow during our Christmas break; tackle of course – in the girls yard.

That’s right, we played in the snow, tackle football. No equipment. Imagine kids today being so physical that they had to take down their friend? We’d probably see someone with a concussion or a torn ACL. I don’t know how many times I was roughed up or sacked playing tackle football – I never got hurt!

 Playing punchball in the girls schoolyard.


The girls schoolyard was the place to be. I look there today and there’s a bunch of cars. Not only did we play punchball but stickball was another game we played…all day!

 But the kicker if you remember was we went to Clothes Tree and bought chinos so we could slide on the black top.

Clothes Tree was a clothing store on the avenue. I recall buying a pair of “Jordache” jeans there.

And don’t forget the bread from Regina Bakery and the large sun dew from the egg store for our lunch.

I loved Regina – this of course after L&J went under. Those Sun Dew’s were always passed around too. We shared.

 At the end of the day get ready for the best summer basketball league around.

Greatest summer league ever. There will never be another time in the future that comes close to the nights we spent in the yard watching as kids, then playing in the actual games.

What great memories! Memories of us…



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12 Responses to MEMORIES OF US

  1. Jim F says:

    Good memories, Coach. I remember on snow days we’d play tackle football in the park in that small open area just inside the entrance between 10th and 11th avenues. No equipment, real tackling, the occasional punch! Kenny Crowley, Mike Cronin, Michael Routhier, Pat Walsh, Jimmy Martin, Joe Santos, Artie Lee, Tom Ferro and others from HNS class of 73. Then we’d smoke some Winchesters we bought from the little deli across the street, 25 cents a pack if I recall. Great times.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Jimmy, great stuff. Loved tackle football in the snow.

      We’d play on ninth avenue when we had some serious snow. Late at night; I am talking ten, eleven o’clock.

      No cars, we had the avenue to ourselves. Sidewalk was out of bounds.

      We also played in front of the girls schoolyard. The patch of grass where the flagpole stood. I was jealous of the HN kids who were selected to raise the flag in the morning and take it down at the end of the school day.

  2. bob terry says:

    I was just in the neighborhood a few Sundays ago & as I was walking down Prospect Park West, I was thinking about how good the rolls @ L&J smelled & tasted on Sundays. I did stop @ Regina Bakery to pick up some cookies.

  3. TonyF16 says:

    What great memories. I worked in L&J for 10 years. Donny Meeg and Jimmy Slavin we had some great times

  4. Joe Solimeno says:

    Summertime fun…. stickball, slapball, punchball, whiffleball…. you name it. Then at night the “tag games” red light green light, tag, others escape my mind. In the fall & winter; touch & tackle football, street hockey (skates & foot). In Ridgewood, Queens where I gre up, we had another game using the sewers; we called it “4 corners” a modified version of handball/ slapball. The younger kids would throw spaldeens and try to beat the throw, eventually it evolved into games, ground balls only. If you threw the ball past a fielder on a ‘fly/linedrive” you were automatically out. Ah…. memories! P.S. Don’t forget video games in the candy stores/ pizzerias. – Joe

  5. jimmy vac says:

    Pitch it in , double wall, slap ball, football were all great but the best was the summer league. I was fortunate enough to play high school ball but no league was more professionally organized or refereed as the Holy Name Summer League. The games were well played and usually close. I enjoyed watching almost as much as playing. The girls had some very good players too… Diane D’attona, Patty Aann Buonicore, my cousin Laura Jean Thomas. Thanks to you, Danny, Gerald, Richie, Mr. M and the rest…

  6. Jack Kelly says:

    Wow! Tackle football in the snow. That was fun playing takle football in PS 10’s schoolyard especially the scrum over the fumble which was practically all the time because of the slippery ball . Thank you coach for jogging that memory back for me 🙂

    • hoopscoach says:

      Not a problem Jack – I have mentioned before on the blog; one night my friends and I were hanging out on 9th avenue and Anthony Page, Troeller, Johnny C., your brother Michael and some others made their way up to Farrell’s. When they came out, we played tackle in the snow on 9th avenue. It was close to midnight. No cars, no busses. We had a ball. (No pun intended)

  7. Ellen Garland says:

    Summer basketball league was the best. It is a shame that kids today can not experience it.

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