Sad news today; Stephen Whelan has passed away. He was 62.

Thoughts and prayers for the entire Whelan family.

On Facebook Stephen’s younger brother Kenny described Stephen as “smart, funny and tough. Very tough.”

The Whelan’s grew up on 8th avenue between Windsor Place and Prospect Avenue. 1634, right next to Empire State Oil.

8th avenue had some cool people. Danny Byrnes, John Brown, Harry Mills and of course, my girl Maureen Delaney. We hung out on the corner of Windsor and 8th often.

Here’s a team picture Stephen sent me back on June 8, 2008.

“I’m the “freak” by the way. That’s my hair blocking the Schaefer sign (second from right). Notice Mike M, John D, and Eloy M in the lower middle. Jimmy K is in the middle top row. What losses! It was quite a day with the last minute win!” said Stephen.

EJ's team photo

I went back to a few comments Stephen posted right here on Container Diaries. We actually were e-mailing each other for a short time. Kenny is right, Stephen was smart and funny.  I must also say that Stephen gave me some valuable advice on my writing career.

Here’s a comment Stephen posted on the blog dated December of 2011:

Yabba-Dabba-Doo, I think Rocky got his voice from Yogi Bear! The neighborhood was filled with people who were honest and moral. Many a time the expression “Did you drop this?”, Or “is this yours?” were echoed. Often, many people would share their found wealth with others and bring sodas, and such to others in the school yard to leave for them. Mostly it was the desire for others to share in your good fortune. There was nothing like being on the giving end of someone gulping down a cold Cola followed by a satisfied “ahh.” If it was “real” money it was handed over to the parents who would decide what was to be done from that point on.

RIP Stephen…


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  1. TonyF16 says:

    Way too many people dying way too young. Kind of scary,
    wonder what the average life span of a male Park Slopian is?

  2. GTrapp says:

    RIP Steve, eternal peace and joy in heaven, give Allie my Best.

  3. GTrapp says:

    Steve, peace and joy in heaven with all your family and friends.

  4. jimmy vac says:

    Way too young.. dod not really know him back in the day but via the website. Sad to hear.. prayers to the family.

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