We’re from Brooklyn, we know our pizza.

Hard for me to get a good slice out here.

List a few pizza spots that you wish you could be at right now…

I know it’s tough, but here’s mine.

Lenny’s (fifth avenue)

Denino’s: A spot in Staten Island…

Spumoni Gardens

Ben’s in Soho



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15 Responses to TWO SLICES AND A COKE

  1. Eddie Matula says:

    Always liked Sabella’s – whether it was when they were closer to the park or when they moved closer to Holy Name. Lenny’s on 5th is also a classic. Now living in Staten, I miss ” Classic” out in Tottenville which reminded me of the neighborhood, considering it had that neighborhood flair to it- the owner Frank and his brothers used to take my shy son behind the counter to help them cut up the dough for garlic knots. Denino’s is good on the island, Brother’s on Forest Ave- real good. best bar pie is Lee’s Tavern and nearby to that Nunzio’s on Hylan and Midland is always ranked high in best slice in the city. Since my wife is from Howard Beach I got to know New Park pizza on Cross Bay Boulevard—-they are really good.

    • hoopscoach says:


      Remember how narrow it was in Sabella’s when they were by the park?

      You hit the nail on the head with New Park Pizza. I used to go there a lot when I was with Bob Leckie.

      Thanks bro


  2. TonyF16 says:

    Pizza Giove on New Dorp Lane in SI is the Best in the city.

  3. Jack Kelly says:

    In my humble opinion Franks was the best …..but in later years the second Sabella’s was a favorite. On a Saturday after a few in Farrell’s (just a few) I would walk over to the window and give Ricky a wave. That was the clue to make a half pepperoni half sausage pizza. I would take it home and everyone would eat and I would not be in trouble 🙂

    • hoopscoach says:


      Loved Franks late night…

      Would sit on that picnic bench outside.

      One of his son’s got in some hot water a few years ago. Felt bad when I heard the news. Would see him in Staten Island in Starbucks.

      • Jack Kelly says:

        Isn’t it the truth Red……..A father spends a lifetime building a business and when he retires his sons only take a few years to destroy it

  4. TonyF16 says:

    I remeber when i was a kid and we would visit my aunt on President St. between Hicks and DeGraw there was a pizza place around the corner on Union St. that up until a few years ago wouldnt serve meat on pizza on Fridays.
    Don’t know if they are even still there.
    I also remeber going to MOMS on 9th for 2 slices and a Coke and payin .25 cents

  5. Dan Falcone says:

    Lenny’s and Spumoni Gardens are awesome. Spent a lot of lunchtimes at Bishop Ford down at Lenny’s. I’ll add DaVinci’s on 18th Avenue and 65th street to the list. Great squares.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Oh Danny boy…We used to walk down Prospect Ave after the summer league games for a couple of slices. Used to love standing up against the counter. Staff was good people.

  6. jimmy vac says:

    Thought Frank’s was the best and great meatball parm heroes.. I live near Nunzio’s and as Eddie said Lee’s Tavern bar pie is great. Our favorite was a bar called the Surf Club which used to make bar pies.. was on Father Cappoldano Blvd. in South Beach..

  7. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I was down by Grimaldi’s the other day..saw people standing on line to get in…sorry…their pizza is good, and if I could walk in, I probably would have..but I am NOT gonna stand on line to eat pizza in BROOKLYN! Come ON, man! 🙂

  8. Don Cush says:

    Franks on 7th avenue was the best. Not only was the pizza greta but he made Calzones, snack balls out of just about everything. Many a night ordering enough balls and calzones to fill a large pizza box

  9. Kevin Sullivan says:

    Yea, gotta go with Franks in our neighborhood, can still the old lady smiling as she looked out from the kitchen. Anyone remember Moms next to the post office

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