Incredible finish last night in the Bronx.

Hope you had the chance to see Derek Jeter play shortstop for the last time in his amazing career.

Weather channel was calling for rain. The talk of the town and the sports talk radio shows, “the game is gonna get rained out.”

Not an empty seat in the house.

Yankee stadium going bananas every time Jeter came to the plate.

In his first at-bat in the last half of the first the Kalamazoo Kid doubled off the left field fence.

Fast forward to the bottom of the ninth.

Derek Jeter. Daily News

Tie game.

One out and a man on second; Jeter comes to the plate. (I will miss his introduction via a Bob Sheppard recording; “Now batting for the Yankees, Number 2, Derek Jeter. Number 2.” )

50,000 fans on their feet. Not to mention I was standing in my living room. I must add my wife, who is a Detroit Tigers fan was cheering for him.

First pitch he saw he lined it to right field, knocking in the game winning run.


Jeter’s last game at Yankee stadium.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Mother Nature cooperated.

It’s a baseball game I will remember for a long time.

Boomer Esiason said it best this morning on his radio show about Jeter:

“No scandals. No arrests. No PED’s.” 

On a side note; how about this nugget from the game last night: Jeter is from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Last night two umpires doing the game are also from Michigan.

Must have been a very cool experience for the men in blue.




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15 Responses to OH WHAT A NIGHT

  1. George Farrell says:

    Bittersweet emotions. Always a class act and a wonderful way to close out his Yankee Stadium career. I wonder if we’ll ever see a guy spend his entire HOF career with the same team after Jeter retires. I remember when Pujols left the Cardinals a few years ago…people really took it personally. Pujols cared not a whit and headed west where he is not the same mega-star. Best wishes to The Captain!

    • hoopscoach says:



      I don’t think we will see an athlete stay with the same team like Jeter.

      I will start with Kobe Bryant though in terms of longevity. Kobe has been with the Lakers for 18 seasons.

      Let’s see if we can come up with any more.

  2. Curly says:



    Like the Knicks in 70 & 73, the 69 MLB All-Star Game at RFK Satdium sitting next to Dizzy & Daffy Dean as well as following Stan Musial down the ramp to get his autograph, 71 Ali-Frazier Fight @ MSG, the 72 NBA-ABA All Star Game @ Nassau Coliseum(meeting Wilt & Kevin Loughery), the 72 Giant-Dolphin game at old Yankee Stadium sitting in the Left Field Bleachers and after the game allowed to coss the field to exit the Stadium on the 1st base side wearing my Suede Gold Hi Pro Keds and ruining them tackling friends on the field, the 73 Mets vs Reds NLCS Game @ Shea when Pete Rose ran over Bud Harrelson at 2nd base & the fight that ensued, the 73 Jet-Bills game @ Shea when OJ broke the rushing record, the 76 NY Nets(the Dr, Super John, Al Skinner, Billy Schaffer, Swen nater, Mekchionni, Brian Taylor) Championship @ Nassau Coliseum, the 76 Chris Chambliss “Shot heard round the world” game, the 78 Holiday Festival @ MSG seeing 2 Double OT games-SJU(Wayne McKoy/Reggie Carter) vs Duke(Spanarkel/Gminski/Banks/Bender) & Rutgers(Jumpin James Bailey) vs Ohio State(Herb Williams/Kelvin Ransey), the 78 Yankees-Red Sox Boston masacre games, the 78 Yankees-Red Sox Buck Dent game, sitting in R Field Bleachers at Yankee Stadium for Ron Guidry’s masterpieces, sitting in the R-Field Bleachers and catching a Tony Armas Home Run off The Gator & “Throwing it Back” before it was popular, and numerous St. John’s games with Mullin/Berry, Patrick Ewing’s 1st game vs St. John’s at The Garden sitting up in “The Blue” seats seeing Bobby Kelly struggling to get ball over half court vs G’Town’s menacing press-numerous Giant & Jet Games @ Giants Stadium, The Giant Super Bowls, and Jeter’s RUN with The Yankees!!!!!!……..And so many more!!!!!

    Sorry, was Rambing, but that’s all I kept thinking last night!!!!


  3. George Farrell says:

    Knicks: Harthorne Wingo, Nets: George Bruns, Yankees: Bernie Williams, Mets: Rusty Staub, Giants: Joe Pisarcik, Jets: George Sauer.

  4. jimmyvac says:

    How do you leave out Seaver??

  5. Curly says:


    Here’s 2 other NYC moments from CHSAA HS Hoops I witnessed that were awesome amongst so many others…… Was at Fordham’s Rose Hill gym with Logan in ’91? to see the CHSAA 1/4 Finals…..Felipe was a Soph at Rice……Can’t remember who Rice was playing, Tiffer & I were sitting on the Bench side of the gym, and there was a fast break in which Felipe was dribbling from our right to left on the right side of the court, Felipe was on a burst, as he crossed over half court he was moving approaching the right side of the top of the key, then gets just inside the foul line and takes off in the air with the ball in his right hand, like Jordan at Chicago Stadium Dunk contest-which I attended, and flies to the rim for a freakin awesome Jordan like dunk!…Me & Logan look at each other like Holy SH-T, WTF…….This guy is only a Soph?……This guy is a freak!…….

    2nd one, St. Ray’s @ LaSalle, again early 90’s, Kareem Reid vs Shamgod Wells…….and all the others playing that weekday afternoon game in the spacious LaSalle gym……..Sitting on the other side of the benches this time…….Late in a very close back & forth game, Ray’s is pressing, Shamgod gets the inbounds pass and is going from my left to right dribbling up the right sideline in front of me, at 3/4 court a Ray’s defender(Charlton Clarke?) jumps in front of Shamgod & he easily crosses over from r-l at full speed(with that low handle he had) to avoid, takes 2/3 lefty dribbles crosses back over to right as he crosses 1/2 court and widens back out, then another Ray’s defender jumps out to cut him off, Shamgod crosses back over again to his left and then sees a crease at the right elbow and bursts down the right side of the key/lane after crossing over again back to his right and is going to the hole at full speed, when suddenly another Ray’s defender sets up for the charge, Shamgod sees this, then jump stops & does a 180 spin in the air after the jump stop around the defender and lays it in with his r hand off the backboard and gets fouled!!….Of which he converts……..Can’t remember who won or lost, but that sequence of play that took maybe 15-20 seconds to finish these 2 plays will always be etched in my mind as NYC sports moments in time, and wasn’t even professional sports…….I’m sure everyone has so many similar!!!


    • hoopscoach says:


      That’s great stuff. Many times we can recall a certain play but have no clue as to who won the game.

      Thanks for checking in.

      Hope all is well

  6. George Farrell says:

    Rewinding the wayback machine to March of 1956. Little gym with a bank track overhead preventing any corner jump shots. Gym was a Parks Department building on E. 54 th Street near 1st Avenue, NYC and home court for the Stags of St. Agnes HS. Two all-city hoopsters going head to head: York Larese of St. Ann’s (coached by Lou Carnesecca) against Jim McNamara of St. Agnes. Jimmy goes for 30 against the Stanners and becomes the first NYC prepster to score 2000 career points. York scores a bunch too and the Stanners win again. No fuss made about McNamara’s milestone because no one was really tracking these stats back then. Larese went on to star at North Carolina and McNamara turned down all college offers to become a fireman like his father. He was sweet to watch!

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