Thanks to my friend Al Powers for this sad information.

Like Al said on his Facebook page, we have lost two alumni of 16th street.

Howie Bischoff and Bobby Leaver died yesterday.

Both men, members of FDNY were fighting cancer due to their time spent working down at Ground Zero after 9-11.

9-11 image

I didn’t know Bobby too well but Howie was one of my favorites from the neighborhood! Loved watching him play for Farrell’s football down at Farragut Road. Kenny Whelan also once mentioned that Howie was a heck of a Rugby player. It’s no surprise there; Howie played with a lot of heart, toughness and passion.

My thoughts and sympathies go out to both families.

I am waiting on more information.



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8 Responses to RIP HOWIE AND BOBBY

  1. Kenny Whelan says:

    One weekend when we were about 20 years old and I was home from SUNY Cortland for spring break, Howie, Juggy (Tommy Riches) and Jo Jo Hederman were drinking in Farrell’s when they called last call. We were trying to figure out what to do next and I mentioned that some of my friends from school were down in Ft. Lauderdale for spring break. Next thing I know we are all running to our houses and grabbing some stuff and we jump in Jo Jo’s two door car (with a cooler) and drive to Florida.
    We luckily were able to find my friends. We made a deal with them. Whoever let us crash in their hotel room, we would buy their beer the next day.
    We walked back into Farrell’s the next Saturday afternoon and were treated like cult heros (lots of free beer). Our parents were not very happy with us, but it was a great week.

    OK Howie – rest in peace.

  2. danny Mills says:

    Sonny Boy will certainly be missed , he IS one of the good guys.

  3. TomFields says:

    Cool story Kenny. I just saw Jo Jo at my niece’s wedding this summer. I think that same cooler plays a part in a Hampton’s story I’ll save for another time. Howie was always a decent guy and a hell of an athlete. Prayers and love to the Bischoff and Leaver families and may Howie and Bobby rest in peace.

  4. Maryann DeLuise says:

    Howie and Bobby I know that Vinnie must have been there to welcome you. Rest in Peace. Deepest condolences to both the Leaver and Bischoff families. Maryann (Brunton) DeLuise

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