Derek Jeter’s fabulous baseball career with the New York Yankees is winding down.

The Kalamazoo Kid will be hanging up his cleats at the end of this week.

Nineteen years in the big leagues with the same club.

Think about that for a minute.

I know there are a few New York Mets fans who read the blog so I figure they have stopped reading this entry by now. (I wonder what Carmine would think of Derek Jeter?)

Derek Jeter Book

The Baltimore Orioles are in town for a four game series. Thursday will be Jeter’s final appearance at the stadium. The Bronx Bombers then head to Boston to end the season with a weekend visit with the Red Sox. Some people are wondering if Jeter will play against the Red Sox or will his appearance at Yankee stadium vs the Orioles on Thursday be his last?

“His last at-bat should be at Yankee stadium,” someone said to me.

Sorry, butI don’t agree with that at all.

If Jeter decides to play in Boston, look for the Red Sox to show their appreciation. The city of Boston knows winners, and Jeter is a winner.

In an outstanding New York Magazine article Jeter’s former manager Joe Torre had this to say about him: “Even though it was his first year in the big leagues, Derek was a finished product as a person. Very mature, responsible.”

Torre credits Jeter’s parents for a psychological grounding that sounds simple, but isn’t. “He felt comfortable in his own skin. Other players need to be validated. Derek doesn’t need the attention.”

Jeter’s parents did a wonderful job raising their son. Saw a sign at the Yankee game on Sunday, “MRS. JETER, YOU DID THE BEST JOB!”

You don’t have to be a Yankees fan to respect Jeter and his accomplishments.  I understand some people are tired of the farewell tour but he will be missed.

I am going to treasure these last few games. So much that I ordered MLB premium so I don’t miss his last few at-bats.

Jeter did it the right way both on and off the field.

He has never been involved with steroids or crime. Has never been involved in a domestic abuse situation. His mom and dad taught him how to respect people.

The way Jeter plays the game every day should be an example to all youth athletes. On ground balls, the guy still sprints down the first base line. I mention that only because there are major league baseball players who jog.

He not only hustles, but he plays hard and is a great teammate.

Currently I work with high school basketball players. I am always looking for examples of athletes who do it the right way, it’s important. It’s important for kids growing up in today’s society to see someone who worked hard like Jeter, who stayed out of trouble and who persevered.

I’m going to miss #2 playing shortstop in the Bronx.



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9 Responses to THE RIGHT WAY

  1. Jim Casey says:

    Though a Brooklyn Dodger and now Met fan, and thus strongly anti-Yankee, I can admire Jeter as a player and the persona he projects(fans do not truly know the person).
    What annoys me is the deification. Unanimous First time ballot for Hall of Fame ? Is he the best player ever ?

    • hoopscoach says:


      I hear ya on the Unanimous choice too.

      Here’s a guy who never won the MVP…

      Babe Ruth was shut out by 11 voters.

  2. Joe says:

    Absolutely correct Red, unfortunately there are haters out there who are waiting for a “story to drop”

  3. jimmyvac says:

    As a Met fan but a baseball fan first, I admire the way Jeter has played the game and conducted himself. He has gotten everything out of his talent and always had class and that alone makes him a winner. I am glad to see him finish strong .

  4. TonyF16 says:

    lI’m a life time Yankee fan and I gotta say this guy is truly a class act, right up there with Berra, Dimag,The Scooter and so many of the greats that played in pinstripes. You cant help but think Jeter whenever you hear the word Yankee.

    The Boss must be grinning from ear to ear to see what this guys accomplished in his storied carreer and how he has kept the tradition of the Yankees to the end. He neves ask for anything in return. Just an unselfish guy but a fierce competiter.

    When you see him on the field and the opposing players go out of their way to talk to him and joke with him. You have to say to yourself
    this guy is truly liked and respected buy his peers.

    It takes a special type of person to sacrifice so much and to stay focused the way he has for so long without a hitch.

    • hoopscoach says:


      Good call bro.

      The boss is also rolling over in his grave that his team has not made the playoffs in the last two years. I’m sure the TV people are ticked off too. WOuld have been a producer’s dream having Jeter in the post-season. Injuries did the Yankees in this season…

  5. TomFields says:

    I’m a Mets fan, and I went to see Jeter in his last game at Camden Yards on Sunday (9/14). He is a class act who does his job and has demonstrated how to act when winning or losing. Both Baltimore and Yankee and most fans cheered his every at bat. He and Ripken have a lot in common. He popped out 2-3 times and struck out, but he played the whole game. I think he’ll play in Fenway. Like I told my son, every generation has only one or two guys that have that class, talent, work ethic, and longevity. So long Jeter.

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